Birthday Wish List

I should’ve probably drafted this post before I left and scheduled it but things were a tad hectic right before we left for our vacation.

I haven’t/didn’t really ask for anything for my birthday.  Not even from the husband, since we agreed that we’d do a joint/split birthday gift (since our birthdays are two weeks apart), similar to what we did last year.  Last year, it was a computer.  This year, it was our vacation.  But I’m pretty easy to please.  Cookbook or magazine (especially cooking, fitness, and fashion) subscription and I’m happy.

But here are a couple things that I’d probably ask for… but would end up getting it for myself because that’s just what I do.  😛  A lot of these are make-up items because I’m on a beauty junkie kick.

Make-up Brush Set from either or these companies:

Sedona Lace


Neutral Eye Make-up Pallete from either

Urban Decay

Too Faced

Liquid Liner from either brands

Urban Decay


Make-up Class (Eleesa from pursebuzz and Koren from enkoremakeup will be in San Jose in November!)

Cooking Class to get some sort of training of the basics and figure out if I’d like to pursue cooking more.  Maybe even a healthy/nutritional cooking class.

Dutch Oven.  Not necessarily Le Cruset but it would be nice.  I don’t mind getting a smaller size.  The husband and I like to eat but we’re not big eaters.

DSLR.  Should’ve gotten this one before our trip, but I figured my point and shoot would hold up.  It was glitchy on me.  The lens starts shaking when I turn it on and you can just hear the motor running.  We were still able to take nice pictures since we brought our other camera… but the hubs showed me a nice one at Best Buy before we left that I am now coveting.

Cookbooks… preferably in e-book format to get use out of my iPad.  Ones I’m coveting right now are Ottolenghi, Eva’s Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Rocco Dispirito’s Now Eat This Diet, and My Father’s Daughter.

Gift cards from some of my favorite stores.

Wine and dine date.  Feed me and give me an alcoholic bevvie and I will be your bestest friend for life.

The usual hug and a smile.  Best one!

What’s on your birthday wish list?


Another year to add onto my life.

27 was okay.  I would say I didn’t do anything too exciting, but in hindsight it was pretty good.  I got married a month before my 27th birthday and went on my honeymoon.  Celebrated friends getting married, sister graduating college, family members getting pregnant, etc.  Celebrated Christmas with both our families for the first time.  Went wine tasting multiple times.  Went snowboarding twice after not going for 2 years (by the second trip I was more comfortable with my skills… almost like riding a bike.).  Went to Vegas after a year and a half and saw a fight (Boxing).  Bought a new car.  Moved to a nicer place.  Will start an awesome vacation a week before my birthday.

I’m pretty fortunate to have been able to do all that.  I sometimes I think it’s not enough and I’m not as successful as I would hoped or liked, knowing that some of my peer shave done more.  But then I remember some people aren’t fortunate enough in the world to do everything they want.  “Don’t measure other people’s success as your failure.”

I did have a bucket list for my 27th year.  Some of the items I wasn’t able to do so hopefully I can this year.  Here’s that list along with additional items I’m adding on for my 28th year of life.  I would hate to call this a resolution because I find these are more things I eventually want to do in life rather than things I need to do now.  If I don’t do them when I’m 28, I’ll try again when I’m 29.

  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Run a half marathon… more specifically the Napa one
  • Get into Yoga (I have a groupon I need to use so hopefully this will solve this)
  • Have the stamina to sign up for boot camp classes
  • Long weekend trip to Cabo
  • Weekend trip to LA
  • Weekend trip to San Diego
  • Camp at Yosemite
  • Girls trip to anywhere
  • Go on a cruise
  • Take cooking classes
  • Take make up classes
  • Create some sort of business venture
  • Get into stock market – although the economy is tanking again.  LOL!  So this one may be a good move now or something to ponder some more.
  • Blog improvements – website look, network more, write more, be inspired and inspire
  • Get into photography for this blog
One thing that I’m not doing while I’m 27 and would like to do when I’m 28 (but probably won’t) is to go to the Philippines.  We were supposed to be there now.  Instead we’re touring Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.  The reason being that it’s rainy season there and with the 3 days of rain we had last year on our honeymoon and with all the natural disasters in the world, we didn’t want to risk getting stuck in a typhoon or tsunami on our vacation.  We wanted dry weather for this summer vacation.
There are a couple things I haven’t listed here that are bit personal and have chosen to keep for me and/or between my family and friends.  I’m a pretty much an open book, but there are things I want to keep for me.  🙂
So this year I will try to immerse myself with a little bit of everything like exercise, travel, classes, finance, and creativity – business venture and this blog.
Do you have a to do list for each year?  Or is it more of a resolution?
Switching gears a bit.  Do you have any traditions for your birthday?  Other than blowing out candles on a cake?  Me?  YUP, my family and I must have noodles on our birthdays.  I hope I can find some while I’m in Marrakech today.  It’s a Filipino/Asian superstition/tradition that on your birthday you eat noodles as this symbolizes long life.  Just in case I can’t find anywhere with noodles, I’m bringing some top ramen in my suitcase.  LOL!  I’d rather have noodles than blow out candles on a bday cake!  Although considering it’s going to be 100+ degrees in Marrakech, I think I could do ice cream cake!  🙂