Back to Life

Yes loves. I am back.  My apologies for not scheduling more posts or being able to post last week.  I had drafted a post for the last week but either had no connection or when I did it was a bit spotty.  I’m sure you’ll forgive me a little bit.  😛

I had an amazing time… and am in LOVE with Barcelona.  I want to move there!  Madrid was more of a historical city.  Definitely hectic due to the World Youth Day Crowd.  Marrakech was a cultural experience but HOT.  Barcelona was historic but felt a bit younger than Madrid.  Perhaps its all the Gaudi influence or being by the Mediterranean Sea.  Lisbon was old.  It was nice to see what it was like again as an adult.  Definitely felt like an old city like London or Madrid; however, do to the country’s financial economic state, upkeep of buildings especially downtown is maintained as well as London or Madrid or Barcelona.

I’m planning to do individual city highlight posts as soon as I get my hands on a memory card reader to edit and upload photos, as well as some lookbook photos.  I don’t have my computer or my memory card reader with me because we’re visiting family on the East Coast (a stop over from Europe just seemed right), as well as working from the corporate headquarters for me.

I’ve missed so much while I’ve been on vacation.  Earthquake on the east coast, hurricane that hit New England the worst, Steve Jobs stepping down, etc.  It’s definitely been an eventful 2 weeks.  Now it’s back to the real world.

Although it sucks that vacation is over, it’s good to be back.  Can’t wait to share with you the details of my trip!


Do you know what today is?  It’s actually a two part answer.  One you don’t know the other one you do.  Let’s start off with the most important one.

It’s the oh so fabulous hubs’ birthday.  🙂  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  We’re definitely going to have a month long celebration since we’ll be celebrating this weekend with friends, then while we’re on our vacation, and then when we return with family (we’re stopping at home after our vacation before coming back to the left coast).

So what’s the other thing?  I’ve successfully completed my month (It was supposed to be 30 days but I said NO to posting on the weekends.  Rest days.) blog challenge.  It was fun but hard work.  There were definitely days I was more proactive with posting and scheduling them in advance.  Other days where I posted at the 11th hour because I was so busy.  But I love it.  I’m going to keep trying to post daily for you loves.

I know the posts lately have been more geared toward my upcoming trip.  I want to share my tips and tricks with you all when it comes to travel.  While I’m not a complete expert road warrior, I’ve picked up a trick or two and want to share them.  I’m hoping to have more lookbook posts soon.  Lately, I’ve been lazy and uninspired (usually dressing in jeans or shorts and a tshirt) leaving my hopefully fashionable looks for our upcoming trip.  Same thing with the foodie posts.  My sister and mom were in town for 2+ weeks and we were either eating out or my mom cooked or we had tons of leftovers, so I haven’t really experimented in the kitchen like I usually do.  I’m hoping to make a couple things to share with you before we leave, especially since we have a ton of food in the refrigerator and don’t want to have to throw it away.  It’s when we don’t have much in the refrigerator or I know I have to use something up (before it reaches that point of going bad) that I feel most creative then.  Thinking about it now I’m thinking an egg dish may come out of it.  You know how I love me some eggs.  NOMNOMNOM.  Thinking about it just makes me hungry… I may have somethign with an egg on top for lunch  🙂  I’m also still trying to figure out how I’d like to post my DIY bracelet tutorial.  I took picture and videos but I didn’t like how they turned out so I may have to redo them.  I also have a couple other DIYs to show you like this no-sew tutu I made for my nieces.

I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have on what you’d like to see more of.  Lookbook posts?  Traveling Tips (although I have a couple of those coming up in the next week or two)?  Recipes?  DIYs?  Home decor (although we’re STILL in the process of decorating)?  Jewelry organization (I think I may have one for you since I set up my mirror amoire)?  Make-up organization?  Comment below and I’ll see what I can put together for you.

With that said, I want to thank you for stopping by and subscribing.  I’ll try to blog or schedule some blogs while on vacation.  If I’m not updating here, I’ll be updating my twitter.


Trippin’ – Where am I going?

Mom and sister have left.  I’m a bit sad.  As much as we drive each other up the wall, we love each other.  I’ll definitely miss having them around sometimes.  But their trip ending means that our trip will start soon.  How soon you ask?  NEXT WEEK!  WHOOOOOO!

I keep talking about this trip and how we’ll be going to multiple cities so I need to consolidate and pack light.  Why?  Because are going to… (drumroll please… yeah I know corny)



(I think the hubs and I are excited most about going here.  We’re spending the most time here.)


We may do a day trip to neighboring cities, but we’re still planning everything out to the tee.  Definitely going to the touristy places within the city, but we’re trying to figure out if we have time to see the countryside for the day.  We’ll definitely be getting out of Lisbon for half of the day while we’re there to go to Fatima, Portugal to go to the Marian Shrine.

I’ve been Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon between the ages of 6-8 when my dad was stationed in Italy and I remember most of it; however, the hubs has never been.  Going as an adult to appreciate the things I missed and to go with the hubs will be a completely different experience.  We’re RIDICULOUSLY excited right now.  Ahhh the anticipation… the best part of a trip because as soon as it starts it’ll go by so quickly and BAM you’re back to reality.  😦  I’m so excited for the culture, the food, the language/accents, European fashion.  Gah!  I can’t wait!

But now can you see my dilemma with packing?  We’re flying (regional airlines) from each location, so the weight restrictions are a bit tough.  We looked into trains and buses but they either cost too much or took too long (we’re talking 8 hour bus rides and ridiculously $300 one way train tickets).  So packing light right now and possibly buying clothes while we’re there is the mindset, as well as possibly doing laundry while we’re in Barcelona since that will be the middle of our trip plus the moment where we may actually have time to.  Still trying to figure it all out… still having a rough time.  :-\  These are time I hate being a girl.