Easy Fish Tacos

While I LOVE making food from scratch because it’s fulfilling and gives me a sense of accomplishment, there are some days that I just need to and/or want to whip up something quickly.  Especially these days where I would prefer NOT to be on my feet too long with the extra weight I’m carrying around.  😛  Last Friday was no exception.  I had a quick flight home but it was one of the first flights out of Portland, so I was up pretty early.  Come dinner time, I was exhausted and had no desire to be in the kitchen longer than 30 minutes.  Since it was a Lenten Friday, we abstained from eating meat (any animals on land.  fish is okay.).  I wasn’t in the mood for pasta, so I ran to Trader Joe’s and grabbed fish fillets from the frozen section (don’t judge me!), avocados, broccoli slaw, and lettuce mix.  If I wasn’t lazy or tired (rough week) I would’ve purchased fresh cod and beer battered the fish myself but that just wasn’t happening.

I found this recipe (which worked perfect for me because I had greek yogurt in the fridge that I needed to use up) for a sauce to dress our fish tacos with.  The “labor intensive” things about this dish was putting the fish in the oven, cutting the avocados, and preparing the sauce.  Other than that it was pretty easy.



Avocados, sliced
Fish fillets, frozen (this is the easy version)
Broccoli Slaw (purchased at Trader Joe’s)
Lettuce and red cabbage mix (purchased at Trader Joe’s but you could easily do this from scratch)
Fish Taco Sauce


Cook fish fillets according to package instructions.  While the fish fillets are cooking, prepare the fish taco sauce (I didn’t make any modifications to the sauce) and warm up the tortillas.  When the fish fillets are done, assemble your tacos and enjoy.

There wasn’t enough red cabbage in the lettuce mix I got so I added broccoli slaw to add some crunch to the tacos.  Adding slices of avocados bring some extra creaminess, in addition to the sauce.  YUMMY IN MY TUMMY and pretty healthy for you too!

I’m not trying to be Sandra Lee and make semi-homemade recipes but there are times when you don’t have enough ingredients on hand or are on a time crunch when taking shortcuts help.  What are your shortcut recipes?  Would you like to see more posts like these because I have a couple more that I can share?