Nessa Loves

I haven’t done one of these in a while.  I’m planning to do this weekly again.  For now, here are a couple of things I’ve been loving lately.  Since this faves list isn’t just for a week, it may be longer than usual.


Statement flats.  This mama has been wearing nothing but flats lately.  The pre-pregnant me is probably laughing at me right now saying “just because you had a baby doesn’t mean you have to wear flats.” Alas Eva is so mobile and when bringing her around in a stroller or carrier, flats are a bit necessary.  The flats at Target have been on point lately, so I snapped up two.

I loved spiked shoes; however, didn’t want spikes all over and wanted something a bit more subtle.  These are perfect!

And then I wanted a punch of color, so I got coral flats with gold studs.  Love!

Side note:  I know flats aren’t comfortable and don’t do anything for the arch of your feet, so I insert my SuperFeetinsoles into all my flats per the recommendation of my doctor.  They’ve alleviated most of the pain I was having at the ball of my feet.

Uniqlo leggings/pants.  LOVE their leggings, especially the printed ones.  I have 3 pairs of the printed leggings:  red tartan, gray subtle houndstooth, and light blue floral (I’m hoping to feature all these pants in a lookbook post soon).  I really think I could buy every color and print they make.  Then I purchased their knit black leggings, which I LOVE because they’re not see-through like other black leggings.  I really wanted to buy their printed jeans but they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted at the store.  Perhaps I’ll get them online.  Decisions…


Speculoos Cookies.  So happy Trader Joe’s brought these back.  Although I feel like these crumble easier than before.  (These cookies are a knock off of Biscoff cookies.)  These are so great to have with your afternoon tea or coffee.

Afternoon tea with Sepculoos cookies and Tazo Chai Tea with a touch of cream

Cinnamon Bread.  I’m OBSESSED with cinnamon bread lately.  The SemiFreddi’s cinnamon twist bread you can purchase from Trader Joe’s or from Greenlee’s are SO SO SO GOOD.  It’s my “sweet” snack indulgence.  YUM!

Naturebox.  I’m LOVING this snack subscription.  I’ve been trying to eat healthier snacks, so this has been helpful.  You are sent 5 full size snacks to try out.  Their dark chocolate almonds are delish!  Try it out!  You can get $5 off if you type in HEALTHY upon checking out.


Haircut.  While my hair is a bit shorter than I’d like, it was so necessary.  My hair was getting  long and felt like it was thinning due to the postpartum hair loss.  Not to mention Eva yanks my hair constantly, so it was looking a bit limp and unhealthy.  I LOVED going to the salon.  A little me pamper time plus I just LOVE my hair stylist.  I’m still trying to figure out how to style it since it’s shorter than usual.  Although their hair is shorter than mine, my favorite look is curling it for some beach wave/boho look, a la Nicole Richie or Vanessa Hudgens.

Hair Inspiration

Loreal TruMatch Crayon Concealer.  I’m always on the hunt for a good concealer.  I’m hitting the big 3-0 soon plus this momma doesn’t always get a lot of sleep, so concealer is my beauty must have.  I love this concealer; however, I do wish they had a wider range of colors.  I had to purchase two to blend together to match my complexion, but I did get a BOGO deal, so I shouldn’t complain.


Eva learning how to clap.  Anytime we say “yay” or start laughing, she starts clapping and tries to sound out “yay.”  It’s amazing how excited we (the hubs and I) get when she learns something new, no matter how small it may be.  This age is so great.  Her curiosity can be tiring (she gets into EVERYTHING), but it’s fascinating to see her facial expressions as she takes in new things.  You start to appreciate how things are second nature for us, but for babies it’s all so new.

Family naps.  The three of us took a nap for 2 1/2 hours one Sunday afternoon.  I woke up knowing we all needed to get up, but I really think all of us could’ve slept for another hour.  Lazy Sundays are the best.

Meeting fellow parents.  One afternoon we decided to bring Eva to the park after work and met a mom with her two daughters, one of them was Eva’s age.  We approached them as they were around the slide, which Eva wanted to go down, and chatted them up.  Before having Eva, my sister in law mentioned it was a bit easier to talk to other moms and dads.  We didn’t really get it, until now.  You’re all going through or have been through the same situations, so you sympathize with one another.  It’s nice to meet families with kids the same age, especially since most of our friends in the area are single/married with no kids.  Not only do we make friends, but so does Eva!  They were so nice that they even invited us to their youngest’s first birthday party.

DD playing in the ball pit (You’re probably saying “OMG, ball pits are so dirty.”  No worries.  We definitely sanitized her hands after she came out of there. Then when we got home we wiped her down and changed clothes.  We’re definitely germaphobes when it comes to our babygirl.)

Momma Diaries – Mom Dancing

I’m sure you all have seen this but I couldn’t resist.  I LOVE it!  FLOTUS and Jimmy Fallon! ❤

While I don’t usually dance like this (although it’s been about 2 years since I stepped into a club), I’m sure within the next couple of months when Eva  starts learning how to walk and baby dance, I will be doing some of these moves.  And you know what?  I will have no shame dancing like this, just for some giggles from my babygirl.  Pretty sure I do the “Happy Snapper,” “Hip bump,” and “Shake your hips twice to the same side” now.  And sometimes “The Dougie.”  HA!

Momma Diaries – Sleep Training

Sleep Train.  A ticket to a better night sleep.”  Okay, so that’s a jingle (fast forward to the 26 seconds), but it’s so TRUE.  Since we’ve been back from the holidays, we started sleep training with Eva.

Let me start off saying that we were SO lucky with Eva when she was younger.  At two months old, when most babies weren’t sleeping through the night, she was, for 10-12 hours.  She’d also put herself to sleep; whether it be naptime or at bedtime.  She had a sleep schedule but it was pretty relaxed.  We’d start getting her ready for bed anywhere from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.  But after she turned 4 months old, she started to push her bedtime back and then started waking up in the middle of the night to eat, which could attribute to her short naps (but that’s another sleep issue to tackle.  we’re working on it next!).  Around this time both sets of the grandparents came into town and we didn’t enforce her bedtime routine.  When they left, we never went back to her normal bedtime routine, which is our (the hubs and mine) own fault.  I was burnt out around 9:30 – 10:00 trying to put her to bed as she would no longer fall asleep on her own.  I wanted to get stuff done around the house and spend time with the hubs, but was so tired to do anything come 10:00pm.  Then she got sick over Thanksgiving and we let her sleep in bed with us for a couple of days, but she went back into her crib thereafter.  Shortly after, I went on my work trip and we let her co-sleep with the hubs while I was away.  When I returned, we continued to let her sleep in the bed with us and continued to do so while on vacation.

my babygirl napping

Now, we’re back home and have started a new bedtime routine.  Along with this bedtime routine is now letting her cry it out (CIO) and allow her to put herself to sleep.  It does breaks my heart to hear her cries and I do worry about the negative psychological effects that some research pose (although other research does pose the benefits of the crying out out method), but I do feel this is best for her and us as a family unit.  It’s been about two weeks since we’ve started this new routine.  Some nights are better than other.  The most she cried was the first night.  Since then she’ll go anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes of crying (depending on how tired she is. Usually when she EXHAUSTED and doesn’t nap well during the day, is when she’ll cry for a longer period of time.  It rarely gets to 10 minutes.  Let me knock on wood now because I may jinx myself.) before she finally stops and sleeps.  I’m hoping she’ll love her routine (our doctor said it takes 2-4 weeks for any routine to really sink in) and start sleeping in her crib without crying when we put her down.  So we have a little longer to go.  We’re seeing gradual results.  She’s started to put herself to sleep when napping now too.  Of course, there is crying and whining involved, but regardless progress.  If things don’t continue to progress, perhaps we’ll start from scratch and try the gradual approach, such as the Sleep Lady Shuffle.  Maybe we should have tried this method first but we felt like there was a strong possibility where we’d give into picking her up, which defeated the whole purpose of sleep training in the first place.

Perhaps its part selfish for wanting a little me and/or QT with the hubs.  But it’s mainly for her own benefit.  She NEEDS a good night’s rest and needs to learn how to sleep on her own.  After reading part of “Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child,” I’ve come to realize just how important sleep is for her and for us.  Keeping her in the pack-n-play (which is in our living room) or our arms until we go to bed isn’t an option because she’s at that curious stage where she wants to play and discover new things especially if mommy and daddy are awake.  Of course, there are exceptions such as traveling and sickness.  But hopefully as long as we have her routine down, she can quickly bounce back after these situations.  Wishful thinking.

Have you tried the gradual approach or the crying it out/Ferber method?

Mommy bloggers Jo and Kaitlin’s mom discuss their experiences when having their children cry it out and share theliterature that got them through it.  Great reads if you want to try it out.