Fight Night

I haven’t done this in a while… but let’s get readyyyyy to rumbllllllllle.

Tonight I’ll be watching this.  I LOVE fight nights.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

i love fight night

Tomorrow I will be consumed with the Pacquiao Vs. Marquez III fight.  Unfortunately, tickets were pricier and sold out quicker this time, so we won’t be making our way to Vegas to watch the fight.   😦  But I’ve seen them fight before, the second fight to be exact.  If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know that I love Manny Pacquiao and I LOVE fight nights.  But I REALLY LOVE going to a live fight.  The environment is SO surreal.  There’s no way to describe it other than a country supporting a single man in a fight.  I’m SO AMPED for tomorrow night!!!  😛  Who are you rooting for?  Me?  DUH!  GO MANNY!!!

weekend getaway

The hubs and I went to Vegas this past weekend to go to the fight.  We LOVE Manny Pacquiao.  This is the 6th Pacquiao fight that we’ve gone to.  Our first fight that we went to was in November 2006 for the Pacquiao – Morales III fight.  That was one of the most amazing fights we’ve ever gone to.  We’ve been to Wizards Playoffs and the hubs has been to Dallas v. Redskins games before but that fight was SURREAL.  The atmosphere was NUTS especially with the 3rd round knockout.  Countries were rivals that night.  It was Mexicans versus Filipinos chanting “Mexico” versus “Manny” all night long.  Ever since then we’ve been hooked to go fights that are in Vegas, except for the DelaHoya and Hatton fights (It was REALLY difficult to get tickets to those).  While watching on TV is great there’s something undescribable about being at an actual fight.  The energy of the entire Philippine nation plus other nationalities supporting this amazing fighter.  OMG I LOVE IT!  Unfortunately, the fight against Mosley wasn’t great.  The hub and I were disappointed by Mosley’s performance.  Everyone was expecting him to fight back, instead he ran.  Everyone was on the edge of their seats expecting him to fight back for twelve rounds but he just played defense all night… he didn’t come to fight.  My husband says bloggers and newscasters say that the crowd we were booing the fighters.  GET IT STRAIGHT… we weren’t booing both fighters.  We were booing Mosley.  He wanted the fight so bad that he left Golden Boy yet he ran away from Pacquiao the entire night.  But it makes me happy that both fighters are both humble and have mutual respect for each other.  Unlike Mayweather.  We’ll see who Bob Arum pairs up with Pacquiao next.

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Gordon Ramsey was entering the MGM Arena to watch the fight as we were walking out momentarily for some fresh air.  That man has some GUNS!  lol.
  • It was Bon Appetit’s Uncorked Festival this weekend.  So celebrity chefs were everywhere.  We park at Mandalay Bay during fights because of all the ridiculous traffic at the MGM.  As we were walking around Mandalay Bay looking for something to eat, wouldn’t you know we saw Hubert Keller in front of his restaurant “Fleur” for an interview with Bon Appetit.  Saturday was just amazeballs and start studded.
  • My husband was really into poker a couple years ago before EVERYONE and their mom started getting into it thinking they were the next WSOP/WPT champion.  We’ve met Phil Ivey entering the Pacquiao – Marquez fight.  The hubs met Hachem and Doyle Brunson during the WSOP Main Event in 2006.  We met Daniel Negraneu and Chris Ferguson in 2008 during the WSOP Europe Tournament in London.  To top it off as we were walking in the Bellagio Sunday night, the hubs says “Hey it’s Johnny Chan.”  If you’ve watched Rounders, you know EXACTLY who I’m talking about.  We walked past him because some douche bags mixed up his name and asked him “Hey, Aren’t you Johnny Nguyen.”  GTFOH.  They were combining his name with Scottie Nguyen, another poker player.  Then I ask the hubs if he wanted a picture.  We walk back and kindly ask Johnny for a picture.  He asked that we be quick (he didn’t want the attention).  The picture was a bit fuzzy.  Casino lighting is not friendly and I was trying to take it in a hurry.
  • EVERYONE and their mom wearing Manny Pacquiao gear and they weren’t Filipino.  Makes me a proud that he “belongs” to us.
  • SO many celebrities were in town for the weekend.  Wish I had better star sightings this trip with everyone in town.  Basketball players:  Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter were hosting an after the fight party at Eva Longoria’s club.  Football player:  Atlanta Falcon’s Tony Gonzales went up to my husband as he was waiting for me and told him his shirt (that my husband made himself) was tight (proud wifey moment!).   Singers:  Chris Brown was performing at Pure; Jamie Foxx sang “God Bless America” at the fight (odd, but whatever); Tyrese singing “Star Spangled Banner” at the fight (he did decent.  better than any other R&B singer I’ve heard sing at a fight on TV.  That includes Keyshia Cole and Ray-J); LL Cool J rapping “Mama Said Knock You Out” as Mosley came out (I didn’t know whether to cheer (I watched him for free when I was 14) or Boo because isn’t he OLD as crap?); Jimi Jamison singing “Eye of the Tiger” as Pacquiao came out.  There’s probably more singers from what I read/heard.  FAUX Celebrities:  Paris Hilton was at the fight.  GTFOH.  She apparently chatted it up with Manny and his wife during his concert after the fight.  GROSS.  Come on Manny, don’t associate yourself with her.  (Yes, I’m a hater.)
  • Going to Niketown LV at Caesar’s Forum Shops and seeing the mural dedicated to Manny AGAIN (they had one during the Cotto fight).  Then buying myself two Manny shirts.
  • Going to Caesar’s Forum Shops and seeing the GINORMOUS 3 level H&M.
  • Eating at Serendipity and FINALLY seeing what the hype was for frozen hot chocolate.  It was okay.  LOL!
  • Enjoying some Gelato as the husband went off to play roulette.
  • Catching the Bellagio fountain show (because we haven’t watched it in about 3 years) and them playing Conte Partiro, which is one of the BEST Bellagio fountain shows.  You MUST watch it at night.  It’s more alluring and mesmerizing… kind of Ocean’s Eleven-ish.  😛
Sad moments of the trip:
  • I broke even UNTIL my husband convinced me to gamble again… then I lost everything.  WHOMP WHOMP.  You come to Vegas to lose or win right?  Not break even?
  • I wasn’t able to take any lookbook pictures!  I had a nice outfit or two I should’ve taken pictures of.
  • Forgetting the battery to my camera at the house on Sunday.
  • My camera shutter acting weird after the fight, making a weird sound.
  • Actually leaving Las Vegas.  2 days is not enough.  4 days is just right.  6 days in my opinion is too much.  We’ve been there for almost a week before and got a bit bored, but that was 4 years ago and Cosmpolitan, City Center, and more shows weren’t open yet.
I have more pictures to post as part of this trip but they’re on the hubs phone.  I’ll try to update later.
p.s.  I’ll try to update as frequently as I can but I apologize if I’m a bit slow.  We’re moving out of our apartment and into a new one plus a work trip plus my sister’s graduation weekend so May is busy to the nth level.