Yes, I realize its mid-July and I’m raving about things I purchased or enjoyed in June.


The hubs and I are going on a big vacation soon that requires lots of walking.  I decided that I needed to buy a new pair of comfortable shoes to make the miles and miles of walking bearable but I really didn’t want to buy a new pair of sneakers (which I think I’m going to end up buying now that I think about it because both my shoes that I’m going to bring on vacation are dark gray) or ballet flats (I have flat feet… it’s the asian in me.  So I need better support) or converses (which have no support and lesson learned when we went to Paris, are NOT walking shoes).  I polled my friends and most of them seem to sugggest Crocs (I know they look funny but they have some other decent looking styles) & laughed in the process as they suggested it, Native (which is similar to crocs but have that vans/converse look), or rave about Toms.  I ended up getting dark gray Toms.

I wore them the entire weekend I was in New York, which was a bad idea because they were new and I didn’t break them before hand.  There was A LOT of walking done so it a bit painful.  Now that I have broken them in, they’re AWESOME.  So comfy.  I know what you’re thinking “they’re OK, but I don’t really like how they look.”  At first I was a bit apprehensive getting them too because I wasn’t sure how I’d wear them with my everyday clothes, but you pretty much you wear them the same way you’d wear ballet flats, converses, keds, etc.  Plus the company’s philanthropic efforts is an added bonus.

Other June Faves?  Most of these may deal with my trip to NYC.

  • Vince Camuto Vicky black pumps.  COMFORTABLE and perfect for work.  I went to Nordstrom in May (but I didn’t get them until June) looking for new black pumps because my feet shrank (I think) or all my shoes are just loose now.  I had originally picked out a pair of basic black Nine West pumps but the sales associate recommended these and as soon as I slipped my feet into them, I felt a world of difference in comfort between these and the Nine West pumps.  big fan!

  • New Washington Wizard’s logo/jersey t-shirt.  The Wizards changed their logo this summer and went back, well I suppose improved, the logo when the team used to be called the Washington Bullets.  They implemented the red white and blue color scheme as the Washington Bullets once had, as they’re in the nation’s capital, and to be the same color as the other DC teams, the Capitals (which is also owned by the Wizards owner) and Nationals.  Because we can’t find these shirts in the stores on the west coast, I definitely snapped one up for myself while at home for the niece’s bday.

  • Holistic bra session at Intimacy.  Holistic meaning they don’t use a measuring tape to determine what your bra size is.  This company has been featured on Oprah, Rachael Ray, and other daytime shows.  I’ve been wanting to know what my TRUE bra size was, as I’ve been questioning myself about whether or not the bras I’ve been purchasing are right for me.  I went while we were in New York (there are other locations.  check their website here).  The consultant walked me into the room and asked me what I was looking for in a bra and explained the process.  She left me to undress and put on a robe while she pulled several bras.  She came into the room put the first bra on me and when she told me the bra size, I was SHOCKED.  The bra size I was currently wearing was COMPLETELY off.  I saw the difference between how everything was carried and appeared with the right bra versus what I was normally wearing.  You HAVE to try them out if they’re near you.  The ladies are SUPER professional so don’t worry if you feel intimidated about “your boobs hanging out” and trying out bras in front of them.  It’s their job.  They’re very educated about how a bra should fit and how your breast should look in a bra.  They also do free alterations if they feel that you need them.  YES, you CAN have you bra altered people.  Not everyone is the same exact size.  You could be a 33 or a 35 or something odd.  You can also be a size F or H or FF or HH.  There are other shops that due to true to size fittings, which Victoria’s Secret DOES NOT do.  Go to a budoir shop and ask for a fitting or go to Intimacy and do a holistic fitting.  My sister in law went to somewhat of a budoir store for her bridal bustier and did a measure tape fitting and not a holistic fitting.  Oh and she got her bustier altered as well.  Do NOT trust Victoria’s Secret ladies to measure you properly.  Go here and then go to Victoria’s Secret if you really love their bras.
  • Bumblebee at Uniqlo SoHo.

  • Uniqlo sales.  I talked about LOVING Uniqlo here, but I was so ecstatic when we went to the SoHo store to find sales on shirts, cropped trousers, and shorts for $14.50 each.  For the quality of their products, it’s such a good deal.
  • LOL moments in the Subway.  New York is eccentric but this is just too good.

I know we like to match and mix print AND I know that wearing stockings with peeptoes is fine, but this takes it to another level.  Also tights/leggings in 85 degree weather with humidity?  Seriously?

I LOVE this woman’s shirt and skirt separately.  Together with the matching shoes and purse and weird thing on her hip are too much.  Not pictured her matching hat.  LOL!

  • Poached Eggs on top of fries with bacon, cheese, and tomatoes for brunch:  “Hangover Fries” at PS450.  TO DIE.  Along with belinis.  YUMMY!

  • Dora themed four year old birthday parties.

  • Iced coffee from DunkinDonuts.  You KNOW I had to get my fix while I was on the east coast.  😛  It’s a MUST.

  • Yuengling Lager.  They don’t distribute these past the first 13 colonies, I believe.  When we first moved to the bay, we asked some friends if they had Yuengling at the grocery or liquor stores.  Pretty sure they thought we were making funny noises.

  • Central Park chillin.  Beautiful but HUMID day.

  • LV Ostrich themed window displays.

  • Ess-a-Bagels.  SUCH GOOD BAGELS!  soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside.  The Concierge at our hotel said that most of the stores in NYC get their bagels from here to sell.

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  With my lovely cousin & because we passed by it on our way to Central Park & simply had to.

I know it’s a long list but I had such a good June.  Busy visiting with family and indulging in everything good and bad.  July and August should be just as good.  Anniversary month and family visiting, then onwards with birthday month and vacation.  🙂  I just LOVE summer… I just wish I had a job where I had summers off like when we were kids.  Perhaps I should switch professions and become a teacher…  NAH, that’s okay.