Let’s try this again…

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now… with reading wedding, fashion, cooking, etc blogs but I couldn’t make time to take pictures and make a statement.  I guess I didn’t have the creative juices flowing.  I didn’t want the blog to be about my daily ramblings of what I did or what I made, which isn’t a bad thing but I wanted to talk more about some DIY projects for the wedding or around the house, what I cooked and my take on it, perhaps some lookbooks.  We’ll see where this goes…

Anyway, the wedding is near.  Less than two months (OMG is it that short?!?) and I marry my best friend.  At this point I’m ready to walk down the aisle, not deal with the minor details which seem major, and all the wedding drama associated with a wedding.  At this point, I’m ready to be his Mrs.  I’ve wanted to be his Mrs. for quite some time, perhaps I’m just antsier than usual and wish it were now.  Perhaps it’s all the wedding planning and being away from him for almost 3 weeks (yes 3 weeks.  I was previously in the UK for 2 and now a week in VA to work from headquarters/take care of wedding errands/bridal shower).  I just want to be home with him and start our lives together… not that it changes how the way we are now.  I just want to be his wife period.  But before we get to that I need to take care of wedding stuff this upcoming weekend.  Hair and make-up trials, dress fitting, meet with the priest, order my flowers, etc etc etc.  The list is never ending.  After I cross out one thing on my to do list I add two more things onto it.  :-\  But it’s the home stretch… so all the stress comes full force now.

BUT before that…  it’s my bachelorette in MIAMI! I actually think we’re staying in one of these hotels.  Ha!  It’ll be a quick weekend trip with some of my fave girls.  Although I don’t know who’s definitely going.  My sis2be is so secretive about my pre-wedding events.  But I know she does that because she wants me to have a great time.  It’ll be a nice relaxing weekend on the beach (PRAYING for great weather) and then  I’m guessing clubbing at night???  Gotta get a cute hot outfit for it.  Already got some hot bikinis for the trip and for the honeymoon so I have the beach outfits down.  I really need a clubbing outfit or two.  😛  A girl’s gotta have options…and hot ones at that.  No I’m not trying to hook up or anything like that… I just like buying new outfits when I know I’m going to go out in the town.  I know that just sounded really gay.  😛  I already sound like an old married woman.

I’ve found a couple but I’m not sure if I want to go for an all white dress look or wear a strapless pencil LBD I got a couple years back from forever21 (similar to the one to the left) and pair them with these adorable pink pumps I have from ShoeDazzle (to the right) and have yet to wear.  Doesn’t seem very bachelorette like does it?  But it is one HOT outfit.  Pair with a statement necklace.  LOVE.    But I can’t seem to find anything that’s sexy chic enough.  It’s either SLUTTY or not slutty enough.  No balance between the two.  :-\  I’ve found a couple but there’s only one I’m THRILLED about.

I’ve seen a couple white dresses but I’m not totally in love with them.  Something about the see-throughness of a white dress I’m not loving.  Although I found this dress and I think it’s cute but I’m not loving it.  It seems more like a rehearsal dinner dress and I’ve already got one of those.  I went the super conservative route for the rehearsal dinner dress (white kimono-ish babydoll dress with rosettes… found it super cheap at Portobello Markets in the UK).  I haven’t really seen anything else.  I’ve seen a couple of gojane.com or amiclubwear.com which is my go to for clubwear attire but I was skeptical.  Again… see-throughness.

Then after reading snapshotfashion.com and seeing their lookbook of this dress… I fell in LOVE.  It’s hard but soft at the same time and is beige/ivory.  Something sexy chic about it.  I haven’t purchased it yet because I’m hoping to find a more affordable option but I ADORE this dress.  It’s just so classy, hard, sexy, and chic all at the same time.  It speaks Chanel with the beige/white and black contract and very Rihanna (studded belt) and Kim Kardashian (mix of the colors and neckline) at the  same time.  I LOVE FASHION!

It sucks I can’t dress up that often sometimes since I work from home.  I love putting outfits together.  Sometimes I find myself dressing up for nothing now or I wear my basic uniform…. skinny jeans or leggings with an American Apparel V-Neck T-shirt with a scarf and cardigan.  I loose my creative fashion sense sometimes.  I’m scared it’ll be worse whenever fm and I decide to have kids.  ha!  Yes I love dressing up that much.  I’m a bit sad I can only wear my wedding dress for only one day too.  If I could I’d wear it every anniversary, Christmas, my birthday, his birthday, etc.  Maybe I secretly will….  I do work from home.  Put an L on my forhead… I know!

Well you have a good post here… lookbook… status of the wedding… etc.  Maybe when I get home I’ll post some foodie shots.