Trippin – what’s in my medicine bag?

Ummm…. that wasn’t supposed make me sound like I’m bringing an actual medicine bag.

I’ve mentioned in my what’s in my toiletry bag post that we’re bringing some medicine with us on our trip.  When I’m traveling alone I always have multivitamins, motrin, tylenol, and claratin in my toiletry bag.  But this trip I’m stocking up a little more.  During our London and Paris trip in 2008, we both got sick during and after our trip.  Somehow I ran out of medicine while we were there, so we had to buy generic UK brand medicine which was not effective, so this time we’re being extra cautious and stocking up.  Two weeks ago, we went to get our Hep A and Typhoid vaccines (which apparently is something we should’ve done last year when we went on our honeymoon… whoops!).

Here’s a list of the items we’ll be bringing.

  • Multivitamin Gummies (for both the hubs and I) – Yes, gummies!  Yes, we’re in our late 20s and I realize we’re not 4 anymore, but taking those gigantic vitamin pills are not fun.  😛
  • Calcium vitamins – for my knee
  • Tylenol – both Extra Strength and PM
  • Motrin
  • Benadryl – This is more preventive, in case we eat or are exposed to something that causes some sort of allergic reaction.
  • Claratin – This is more for me because I have really bad seasonal allergies.  I never know when I’ll need them so I always bring them with me.
  • Pepto-Bismal – Because you never know, especially with the exotic food and foreign water.
  • First Aid kid – travel size – just in case.
  • Neosporin spray – travel size – again just in case.
  • Hydro-cortisone – anti-itch for my random sun rashes or bug bites.
  • Sambuccol – It’s like Airborne and Zicam, where you take it at the first sign you feel any sickness and it’s supposed to combat the sickness; however, it isn’t easily accessible everywhere.  It’s from the UK but I’ve only seen it in liquid form there as opposed to meltable pills.  They have them at Giant or CVS in VA,  but I haven’t spotted it here in the Bay.
  • Pepcid – No one wants to feel bloated or have acid indigestion.  Trip for you Asians, it stops your face from turning bright red when drinking (obvi, there are precautions to this as you’re mixing alcohol and medicine.  so definitely heed caution).  I don’t turn bright red but I know some people that do and have used this trick.
  • Tylenol Cold – I know it’s the summer but you NEVER know.  I’ve gotten sick in the summer for the last 2-3 years.  For some reason it’s always AFTER the husband gets back from Vegas for a boys weekend.  :-\
So that’s what’s in our medicine bag.  You can never be too careful!  Better to have it than not to especially when you’re going to a country where English isn’t the primary language and can’t read the boxes.  😛
It’s almost time to leave and I’m STILL trying to figure out my outfits.  Although, I’ve packed my toiletry bag (consolidated everything into smaller containers) and my makeup bag.  I’m so indecisive about what clothes to bring.  Apparently Europeans dont’ wear shorts and I need to cover my knees in Morocco (shoulders I knew I had to), so I’m trying to put outfits together where they’re fashionable yet respectful of the customs.  I’m going to stand out like a tourist either way.  sigh.  I need to get my act together sooner rather than later.