Is the word of the day.  While I just started my trip I’m planning to immerse myself in EVERYTHING.  The culture, the people, the fashion, the music, the dancing (belly and flamenco), the food, etc.  This vacation is VERY much needed.  Just to break away from our everyday routines when we forget there is more to life than work and our little safe bubble.  Because in America, we’ve adapted the theory work to live instead of live to work… probably the only country in the world that thinks this.  Maybe in doing this, I’ll find inspiration… for anything really.  More inspiration for this blog or a personal venture?  Or inspiration to make small changes in everyday living that may impact in a big way?  Just plain inspiration… whether it be from the historical palaces, the souks, the dancers, the locals, etc… I’m looking to live, be free, and just be inspired.

My husband showed me this video a couple weeks ago and it resonated with both of us.  MOVE.. experience… get lost… LIVE.

Hola y Adios from Madrid!