This week’s healthy eats

After all the food that was consumed last weekend and finishing up leftovers, I have been trying to eat “healthier” food the last couple of days to some what detox my system.  And by detox I don’t mean completely cleanse.  I am pregnant that would be ridiculous but trying to put more good in than bad.  Bump up the fiber and eating more nutritious and lean food.  We went to the doctor on Tuesday my weight went up more than I would have liked.  The doctor didn’t say anything about getting into the danger zone or putting on too much weight too quickly, so perhaps I’m still okay.

Within the last 2-3 days, I’ve made baked chicken teriyaki w broccoli and asparagus stir fry and penne with asparagus and tomatoes (using whole wheat pasta of course for the added fiber) in an attempt to use up some of the veggies on the veggie platter (the remainder of the veggies like celery and carrots, I’m snacking away on with some TJ’s hummus).  We also have a ton of fruit from our fruit platter that I’ve been chipping away at.  I have my usual cereal or yogurt with berries in the morning, but the other day I came across a pinterest post for overnight no cook refrigerator oatmeal.  As you may know, I am big into having a breakfast full of fiber plus I hate having to cook oatmeal in the morning, so I figured out why not try it out.  I had all the ingredients anyway.  I put the main ingredients in and mixed in strawberries, blueberries, honey, and vanilla extract.  It was quite tasty.  The texture is similar to museli as it has that soft chewy aspect.  Next time, I’d add toasted nuts to oatmeal minutes before eating for added good fats and overall texture.  I’m thinking about trying the mango or chocolate banana next.  Again, like my previous oatmeal post, flavoring combinations are endless and up to you.

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dieting on the road

I’ve been a road warrior for about 6 years now.  When I first started traveling for work I definitely took advantage of the free/company paid food and drinks.  I didn’t gain weight right away as my metabolism was somewhat quicker than normal.  But after 6 months, the pounds started to slowly pack on.  I wasn’t working out at all and was eating more than I would if I was at home and not traveling.  I gained about 10-15 pounds within a span of 9 months.  I really didn’t do much about it.  I would try to work out but lose you need to be consistent.  I was not.  I wanted to go to team dinners and happy hours, which just added to the pounds.  I’d go through workout spurts, but again not consistent enough.  At one point, the hubs and I had our version of a “Biggest Loser” (we weren’t trying to see who would lose the most but we were trying to get to our goal weight), but after a couple months and 5 to 8 pounds later, I gave up because of the amount of traveling I had to do.  Excuses, I know.  That’s the same thing the hubs said.  I was also somewhat consistent prior to the wedding but working out on the road is tough stuff.  Hotel gyms are small.  You either workout late or early depending on your work schedule.  Not fun.  But here are some helpful tips that I’ve used over the past few years to attempt to keep my weight in check while on the road.  Notice I said keep in check, not lose.  You have to be VERY committed to lose weight on the road.  Commitment that I don’t have all the time.  Please note this is what has worked for me personally to keep my weight consistent and I am sharing with you.  I do not have a nutritional degree.

  • Start your days with a well balanced breakfast.  Lots of fiber, protein, and vitamins.  Eggs, fruits, whole wheat bread, etc.  Starting the day right may help curb the snack attacks or overeating.  Mama knew what she was talking about when she said breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  • Whether its lunch or dinner, start with a side salad.  Filling up on veggies will curb your appetite once you have have your entrée.  But make sure you don’t DOUSE your greens in dressing.  That doesn’t help.  It just adds to the calories.

  • Halfsies.  Halve your entree or sandwich (whichever) and eat half of it AND save the rest for later if you have a refrigerator and microwave.  If not, consider purchasing a combo of half salad and soup or half salad and sandwich.  I’m a fan of Panera’s You Pick Two option.

  • Don’t eat everything.  You DO NOT have to eat a three course meal at dinner.  Sure the company may be paying for it but for your waistline’s sake, you really don’t need to have appetizers, a meal, AND dessert AND a cocktail or milkshakes.  Corny but spend the money like it were your own and eat how you would if you were at home.
  • Pass on the bread & butter or chips & salsa.  These are extra carbs that will fill you up quicker and possibly not satisfy you the way you’d like.  If you really want some, have some but I’d suggest ordering a lighter entree.
  • Consider ordering from the appetizer menu for your main meal along with a side salad.  Appetizers are typically a smaller size than entrees (at most restaurants).

  • Want a variety of food?  Why not order family style with coworkers?  I’ve done this a couple of times where we ordered a variety of apps or entrees and split it amongst us all.  Very Spanish.
  • Stay somewhat active.  Take a flight of stairs up to your room (obviously do this with discretion.  I’m not telling you to walk up to the 18th floor.  But if its a 2-3 story hotel, take the stairs instead of the elevator).  Do Yoga in your room.  Bring work out dvds with you and play them on your laptop in your room.  Pack resistance bands in your suitcase.  Jog in the hotel gym, no matter how crappy, or if there is a park nearby or the hotel parking lot.  Walk laps around the hotel parking lot.  Even if its for 10 minutes, that’s 10 minutes you burned some calories and partook in some sort of exercise activity.  Something is better than nothing.

  • Sharing is caring.  Especially with dessert.  Don’t think you can’t indulge.  Definitely don’t deprive yourself.  Everything in moderation.  If you’re not that close with your coworkers or are traveling on your own, if you can order a smaller version the dessert, if available.  If not, pop in a mint or grab a small square of chocolate.  You’d be surprised how much a small bite would curb your craving.

So those are my tips for keeping the weight off when on the road and at home (if you eat out a lot). What are your tips to keep your weight in check?  I think that scoop of ice cream is okay this weekend, especially with the ridiculous heat.  Happy Friday!

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healthy eating

I’m an advocate of trying to eat healthy while having the bad stuff in moderation.  You have to indulge sometimes.  Because I was on the road last week I indulged probably more than I should have.  Had cookies, fried food, etc. more often than I would at home during the weekdays.  The weekends are my indulgent weekend.  Yeah I know that’s call somewhat yo-yo dieting.  But like I said before I have to have fresh fruit and vegetables in the house at all times.  If I don’t I feel so incomplete.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve prepared some semi-vegetarian meals (there may have been bacon or turkey deli slice here or there) for lunch.  They’re so light and I feel good about what I’m eating.

Monday – Cobb Salad – by

I didn’t have blue cheese, nor did I separate the yolk and white of the egg when chopping.  I also didn’t have chicken breast so I didn’t have any of that in my salad.  To add the protein and fiber factor I added some flax seed into my salad.

Tuesday – California Club Sandwich and Yogurt and Sour Cream Ranch Dip

I didn’t take a picture of it.  Super simple sandwich.  Take some whole wheat bread, toast it.  Slice up some tomato and avocado and some colby jack cheese.  On the bread, spread a thin layer of mayo.  Place turkey breast and bacon on top of the bread.  Then pile the tomato, avocado, lettuce and cheese.  Put on other piece of bread on top.  As a side I had vegetables crudites with yogurt ranch dip.  Recipe and picture of yogurt ranch dip are found below.

Wednesday – Greek Salad

I find greek salad super simple.  Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, olives, pine nuts, and feta cheese.  For the dressing, lemon or red wine vinegar, oil, salt, pepper and oregano.  Mix and place on top of salad.  For fiber and protein, I topped with flax seed.  Because I didn’t have some meat and I wanted something a tad more filling I took some pita bread, drizzed it with olive oil, oregano, garlic powder, parmesan cheeze and mozeralla and placed it in the oven for 5 minutes and then broiled it for 2 minutes.  YUMMY and easy.  No picture of the pita side.

Thursday – Italian Veggie Panini and Vegetable Crudites and Yogurt ranch dip

Italian Veggie Panini

Take whole wheat bread and spread some goat cheese.  Pile roasted red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mozzeralla.  Then sprinkle on some oregano or italian seasoning.  Place other piece of bread on top.  Place on grill (either a Foreman, a sandwich melt thingy, or on a grill pan) for about 6 minutes or until bread is toasted.

Vegetable Crudites and Yogurt-Sour Cream Ranch Dip

Slice some vegetables that you enjoy eating raw.  I enjoy red bell pepper for sweetness, as well as some cucumber for crunch and because I had cherry tomatoes on hand I ate those.  You could enjoy this with some sugar snap peas, celery, and carrots.

I found a ranch seasoning recipe online a couple months that I’ve put together and is sits in my refrigerator in a zip lock until I’m ready to use it.  Because I have so many vegetables on hand and had a sandwich I wanted to up my veggie intake.  I have greek yogurt on hand as well as some sour cream, so I mixed the two together and put a teaspoon of the ranch seasoning I had in the fridge and mixed some more.

Friday – Moroccan Couscous Salad with grilled chicken – by

I love making couscous salads.  Depending on my mood, I’ll throw stuff together and just make a vinaigrette for the dressing.  Sometimes I’ll sauté some veggies and nuts and mix with cooked couscous.

For grilled chicken, take lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and mix together.  Marinate with chicken breast for 30 minutes or longer at room temperature.  After 30 minutes, place on grill for 7 minutes.  When done cooking, rest for 5 minutes and then cut into slices.

For breakfast, I’ll usually have some yogurt, fruit and granola or some a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Like I did today.  DELISH!

Dinner recipes that I made for the week to be posted in a couple days…