The Dressing Room – black and tan

Yes, I know I’ve been averaging  a post a week.  This week I’ve been sidelined by a cold.  I went to Tahoe last weekend to go snowboarding.  Towards the end of the day I was constantly walking in and out of the lodge (in and out of the cold/heat) for 30 minutes looking for my husband and I think that did it for me.  That and being up at a higher altitude.  We were planning to go again this weekend but that’s not going to happen especially since I’m leaving for the UK in a week.  (YAY for the shopping and food, BIG FAT BOO to leaving the hubs for two weeks especially since he’s on spring break from school the last week that I’m there!)

I saw a lookbook post from frugalfashionistas last month of Cameron Diaz wearing a Kimono shirt.  I really liked the outfit and I had all the pieces so I figured I’d put something similar myself; however, I was really feeling the black and tan color combination ala Kourtney Kardashian.

The Inspiration

The Look

Jacket:  Flea Market – Portabello Market, London UK
Blouse:  Crocheted Kimono Top – Forever21
Cami:  Forever21
Pants:  Black Jeans – H&M
Boots:  Victorias Secret (4 years ago)
Earrings:  Kohls (gifted)
Rings:  Forever21 and MisSelfridge (UK)