Dinner Challenge

Due to the amount of eating out we did in August (we went out to celebrate the hubs and mines birthdays and with our family in town), my husband and I had decided to stop eating out for dinner for a week or two.  We usually do this after we eat out a lot to try to feel healthier (after all the delicious yet fatty food we eat) and whenever we’re on a tight budget.  After reading Joanna’s post, I brought it up to the hubs and we agreed that since we had cooked every night for the last two weeks, why not continue to do it for the rest of the month.  And I’d like to proudly say, we successfully did (it was no easy feat, especially after hard work days or rough afternoons with the baby)!  But that’s not to say we didn’t eat out.  We never went to a sit down restaurant.  We did grab fast food, dessert, a sandwich at the farmers market, or coffee for lunch or a snack, but it wasn’t an everyday occurrence.  As much as I was tempted to eat out for dinner, it was fun trying to create new dishes or try out new recipes.  I was definitely inspired by my farmers’ market purchases.  I hope to post a couple on here soon after I try them again with a couple of minor tweaks.  So for the month of October, I urge you to try to cook dinner every night.  Not only will it be easier on your wallet (actually it may mean more groceries but you can stretch your dollar with the amount of groceries you buy and the meals you make) but cooking at home allows you to control the quality of the ingredients you cook with and fat content, so it can be easier on the tummy.

I leave you a snapshot of one of the dishes we tried that I need to revisit and tweak.

Tilapia topped with heirloom tomatoes and olives with rice, steam broccoli, and sautéed spinach.

Birthday Wish List

I should’ve probably drafted this post before I left and scheduled it but things were a tad hectic right before we left for our vacation.

I haven’t/didn’t really ask for anything for my birthday.  Not even from the husband, since we agreed that we’d do a joint/split birthday gift (since our birthdays are two weeks apart), similar to what we did last year.  Last year, it was a computer.  This year, it was our vacation.  But I’m pretty easy to please.  Cookbook or magazine (especially cooking, fitness, and fashion) subscription and I’m happy.

But here are a couple things that I’d probably ask for… but would end up getting it for myself because that’s just what I do.  😛  A lot of these are make-up items because I’m on a beauty junkie kick.

Make-up Brush Set from either or these companies:

Sedona Lace


Neutral Eye Make-up Pallete from either

Urban Decay

Too Faced

Liquid Liner from either brands

Urban Decay


Make-up Class (Eleesa from pursebuzz and Koren from enkoremakeup will be in San Jose in November!)

Cooking Class to get some sort of training of the basics and figure out if I’d like to pursue cooking more.  Maybe even a healthy/nutritional cooking class.

Dutch Oven.  Not necessarily Le Cruset but it would be nice.  I don’t mind getting a smaller size.  The husband and I like to eat but we’re not big eaters.

DSLR.  Should’ve gotten this one before our trip, but I figured my point and shoot would hold up.  It was glitchy on me.  The lens starts shaking when I turn it on and you can just hear the motor running.  We were still able to take nice pictures since we brought our other camera… but the hubs showed me a nice one at Best Buy before we left that I am now coveting.

Cookbooks… preferably in e-book format to get use out of my iPad.  Ones I’m coveting right now are Ottolenghi, Eva’s Kitchen, Pioneer Woman, Rocco Dispirito’s Now Eat This Diet, and My Father’s Daughter.

Gift cards from some of my favorite stores.

Wine and dine date.  Feed me and give me an alcoholic bevvie and I will be your bestest friend for life.

The usual hug and a smile.  Best one!

What’s on your birthday wish list?