The Dressing Room – Chambray Love

Who doesn’t love a chambray shirt? This shirt has been a staple in my closet for a year now.  I wish I had another one since I’ve worn this one to death.  Perhaps whenever they go on sale next at J. Crew or Old Navy.  I love that you can easily dress up a chambray shirt or wear it casually.  For this Dressing Room post, I styled the shirt for a business casual environment.  I dressed it up with a chunky sweater, statement necklaced and stacked bracelets.

Sorry in advance for the lookbook phone pictures.  I don’t bring my nicer camera with me when I go on the rode (unless of course I have a weekend trip somewhere exciting!).  Don’t you just love the background?  LOL!

I’m in love with this blue, black, and green color combo.  

The Dressing Room Outfit

Sweater Cardigan:  Old Navy
Shirt:  Converse One Star, purchased at Target
Trousers:  Old Navy
Patent Booties:  Payless
Necklace:  Forever21
Bracelets:  JewelMint, H&M, random vendors


Love this necklace.  The gold, orange, and bronze tone brighten up the outfit just enough.

JewelMint, cousin’s creation, rosary bracelet purchased in Fatima, Portugal, H&M, random vendor (purchased this YEARS ago in either Korea or Singapore)

I’m finally home!  Just got in this morning and it feels good to be back even if I was only gone for a couple of days, in time to enjoy some sunny California weather (especially since I was in the rainy Northwest all week).

The Dressing Room – It’s still summer

I’m going to share a secret that’s not so secret, I LOVE anything blue or purple.  I LOVE it even more if you combined the two colors together.  Maybe it’s because they’re cool colors and exude calmness, which I am not.  But I have always loved purple and blue.  When I buy clothes I have to tell myself to stop gravitating towards blue or purple items.  I’m usually good about it but sometimes I’m not successful.

I know you’re saying hey it’s fall, why are you sharing an outfit post with shorts.  Because I it still is summer… especially if you’re in the Bay Area, it’s an Indian summer.  It’s cooled down this week with all the rain passing through, but it’s supposed to heat up next week, getting up to the high 70s to mid 80s.  But sadly I won’t enjoy the weather because I’m heading to the UK next week for work where it’s supposed to be chilly and rainy.  (cue sound:  whammmmmp whaaaammmppp.  you’re in the uk, stop complaining!)  Usually by this time I’m ready for fall and to take out my boots and chunky sweaters, but for some reason this year I’m not.  I think I’m still in love with the vacation we took a month ago and the association with summer and summer clothing.

Anyhow, while in Barcelona, I originally started the day wearing just a white tank top with my purple chino shorts from Banana Republic because it was supposed to be hot.  We went up to Mount Tibadabo to overlook the city and it got a bit chilly while at the elevated level, so I took my chambray button up out of the backpack and put it on to keep myself warm.  I LOVE how the outfit came together.  I love the color combo.

One top of Mount Tibadabo, overlooking Barcelona.  LOVE THIS CITY!  Do you see the Mediterranean Sea in the back?  ❤

In front of one of the two trams we took to get to the top of Mount Tibidabo

The outfit

Button-up:  Converse All-Star button up chambray, Target
Shorts:  Chino, Banana Republic Factory
Tank top:  Old Navy
Bracelets:  Morocco, H&M
Watch:  Swatch
Shoes:  Corones, Toms (similar style here)
Sunglasses:  Vintage, Black and Brown boutique in San Jose
Purse:  Faux Tory Burch (with logo folded inwards to not make it as obnoxious looking), Canal Street NYC

I think there may be another outfit post featuring these shorts.  With that outfit I practiced colorblocking and it was THE perfect summer outfit for colorblocking.  LOVE!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

The Dressing Room – is it fall or summer?

This weather is INSANE.  A couple days in a row it’s about low to mid 60s and then a couple of days of mid to high 70s.  I cannot put ANY of my clothes away.  Nor do I have a concept of what to wear and be comfortable, weather wise.  Not to mention that I’m getting headaches because of the change in weather.

It was beautiful out though today.  I knew I was going to be home alone a good majority of the day, as the husband is busy with school group projects and wouldn’t be coming home until late, so I figured I’d walk downtown and go to Safeway to grab a couple of spices to make some pumpkin muffins.  A small ounce of human interaction during the day was necessary.  I looked at the weather and it was about 71 degrees F before I left the house.  I figured thats perfect weather to wear a skirt/dress and boots.  As I was walking, I started getting really warm (my body temperature seems to be hotter than most people) that it just made wearing boots and a light jacket semi uncomfortable.  I didn’t want to take the jacket off because the top of my dress was a little tighter than I’d like.  As soon as I got home I had to briefly crank up the air conditioner to cool down.  YEAH it’s not attractive.

I would’ve worn a short gold necklace with this as my chest looks ridiculously bare as I look at this picture but I was a tad lazy to look through my jewelry case for a suitable necklace.  The outfit could’ve also used a pop for color but I didn’t want to put on a scarf and I couldn’t find the appropriate camisole to pair with this to wear underneath the top part of the dress.  Maybe next time.

Jacket:  Forever21
Belt:  Vintage
Panther Ring:
Boots:  Bakers

Don’t you LOVE my ring.  Very Rachel Zoe inspired.  I LOVE IT!  I DIE.  I saw a cheaper option with forever21; however, they were snatched up pretty quickly.

LOVE HER!  I love how she doesn’t care about putting on a pleathora of jewelry on.  There are no don’t’s she just makes it work.  Now if I only had that courage…

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be a bit more reasonable and I can dress appropriately then.  Maybe I’ll wear one of my newly acquired shirts from the multiple sales this weekend.  🙂