The Dressing Room – is it fall or summer?

This weather is INSANE.  A couple days in a row it’s about low to mid 60s and then a couple of days of mid to high 70s.  I cannot put ANY of my clothes away.  Nor do I have a concept of what to wear and be comfortable, weather wise.  Not to mention that I’m getting headaches because of the change in weather.

It was beautiful out though today.  I knew I was going to be home alone a good majority of the day, as the husband is busy with school group projects and wouldn’t be coming home until late, so I figured I’d walk downtown and go to Safeway to grab a couple of spices to make some pumpkin muffins.  A small ounce of human interaction during the day was necessary.  I looked at the weather and it was about 71 degrees F before I left the house.  I figured thats perfect weather to wear a skirt/dress and boots.  As I was walking, I started getting really warm (my body temperature seems to be hotter than most people) that it just made wearing boots and a light jacket semi uncomfortable.  I didn’t want to take the jacket off because the top of my dress was a little tighter than I’d like.  As soon as I got home I had to briefly crank up the air conditioner to cool down.  YEAH it’s not attractive.

I would’ve worn a short gold necklace with this as my chest looks ridiculously bare as I look at this picture but I was a tad lazy to look through my jewelry case for a suitable necklace.  The outfit could’ve also used a pop for color but I didn’t want to put on a scarf and I couldn’t find the appropriate camisole to pair with this to wear underneath the top part of the dress.  Maybe next time.

Jacket:  Forever21
Belt:  Vintage
Panther Ring:
Boots:  Bakers

Don’t you LOVE my ring.  Very Rachel Zoe inspired.  I LOVE IT!  I DIE.  I saw a cheaper option with forever21; however, they were snatched up pretty quickly.

LOVE HER!  I love how she doesn’t care about putting on a pleathora of jewelry on.  There are no don’t’s she just makes it work.  Now if I only had that courage…

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be a bit more reasonable and I can dress appropriately then.  Maybe I’ll wear one of my newly acquired shirts from the multiple sales this weekend.  🙂