Some of you may have notice a couple of changes.

First, I’ve changed the name of this blog.  LittleBlackApron didn’t seem to fit anymore.  I wanted something more general that encompassed food, fashion, motherhood, life, travel, etc. etc.  Which is how Nesscetera came about.  My (Nessa) random ramblings. will still direct you to this blog page.  However, please start using

Along with this change, are changes to my Twitter and Instagram profiles.  And I’ve created a Facebook page as well.  Please follow me on these various social media outlets as I’ll be updating there as well here.

As I’m making these changes, I’ll also being making changes to the appearance of this blog.  I’m also hopping to finally get the various pages, such as the Recipes and WishList, up and running.  And hopefully adding a lookbook (“The Dressing Room”) page shortly as well.  Please pardon the construction as this occurs.  I’m working on a couple different things for this blog.  There are lots of changes to come and I hope you can join me on this journey.



And we’re back…

sick but back.  I was in VA and in the Caribbean for the last three weeks, both working and on vacation.  I was relishing my time being home with family and friends.  Although, on my very last day I caught everyone’s cold and have been sidelined since then.  I’ve been trying to avoid medicine and kick this cold through natural remedies but its been tough.  My body doesn’t seem to want to bounce back as quickly as it normally would.

I know I’ve been away sometime but I hope you continue to visit.  Starting tomorrow we’ll have new posts and content starting off with my December Favorites.  Hopefully I can keep up again.  I have so much to tell you and this blog will be changing soon, both content and layout… but that won’t be until the end of the month where I’ll have news to share with you all!

Hope you’re all having a great 2012.  See you tomorrow!


A Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

My apologies again for not updating.  There’s a lot going on right now that I’ll be sharing with you in the new year!  I’m home for the holidays enjoying my family and friend’s company.  LOVE being home.  I’ll try to post while I’m out here but we’ll see.  I have some downtime but I’m trying to spend qt with my mother and sister.  I’ve missed them.  Then I’m disconnected from the world for a week with my husband’s family since we’re going on a cruise.  So we’ll resume again the 8th of January.  Yes, it’s a pretty long break and much needed.

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays.  Enjoy being around the ones that you love!