About me…

Hi, I’m Vanessa, but you can call me Nessa or Ness.  I’m an east coast gal living in the Bay Area.

Initially, this blog centered around fashion, cooking, and travel.  Upon the addition to our family in the summer of 2012, I started to blog about mommyhood tales, tips, and other parenting randomness.  Along with blogging about DIYs, life, random ramblings, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… And that’s how Nesscetera (pronounced ‘ness-et-ter-rah‘) was born (Nessa’s random ramblings,).

FOOD – I was spoiled growing up my parents cooked everything for me and we lived abroad quite a bit so I was introduced to various dishes, some I’d try and like, some I wouldn’t dare go near.  Fast forward years later, I was living on my own and had to learn how to budget.  I wanted to learn how to make the dishes I ate at restaurants in the comfort of my home.  Soon I found a passion.  To me, cooking is therapy.  After a long day (if I’m not COMPLETELY exhausted), there’s nothing like chopping, stirring, and putting a dish together to help me unwind.  (Although, the glass of wine in my hand helps too.)  I love reading recipes (on cooking websites or blogs or magazines) but love taking that dish after I’ve mastered it and making it my own.  I love going to the farmers market and purchasing seasonal products to incorporate in dishes I make at home.  My palette has expanded throughout the years and I’ve explored the culinary world through experimentation in my kitchen and eating out especially when traveling.

FASHION – I have lived in heels since I was 12.  I have had my fair share of fashion hits and misses throughout the years.  While I can appreciate the runway looks and trends, my outfits are put together based on my mood and comfort.  It can be as simple as a jeans, tshirt, and converses to a dress and heels with more than necessary accessories or just a watch, ranging from any price point.  Such as thrift store finds, my mom’s closet, department stores, high end stores, traveling finds, etc. But I’ll admit since working in a conservative professional services environment and being a mom of a toddler, my fashion sense hasn’t been up to par lately.  I live in my mommy uniform because it’s easy to run after a toddler who’s running around or may possibly lift up your dress because she’s at that perfect height!  Although I’ve been falling in love with the athleisure world!

MOTHERHOOD – I’m a full-time-mom (FTM) to a beautiful baby girl.  It is one of the best jobs along with being my loving husband’s wifey.  While it is challenging (breastfeeding, sleeptraining, solids, teething are not a picnic!), the greatest reward is hearing my baby girl laugh or seeing her smile.

ETC. –  My randomness and ramblings which includes the following:  My fitness journey.  My LOVE of travel.  My LOVE of DIY projects.  My LOVE for the Washington Wizards, Washington Redskins, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, and Manny Pacquiao.  Etc., Nesscetera.  🙂

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