Mommy Tales – Eating habits

I’m going to start a series here on the blog called Mommy Tales (I feel like I should be singing the Duck Tales theme song with this title.  LOL!).  I’ll be sharing and even documenting random things that I find intriguing, hilarious, puzzling, frustrating, etc. as a mom.  When Eva was younger, I used to write down random moments that made me smile like her first smile, laugh, steps, etc.  I did all of this using Color Notes on my phone and then like a fool I didn’t back-up my notes prior to resetting my phone.  :’-(

Today’s Mommy Tales are about eating habits.  My husband and I are your stereotypical asians that eat rice a majority of the time for dinner.  It’s no surpise that Eva loves rice… or bread or pasta for that matter.  (Side note;   I did a lot of carb eating when I was pregnant with her BUT I also drank a lot of green juice, which she thoroughly enjoys.  Balance!)  Because Eva doesn’t know how to cut her food with her utensils, I chop everything up into small pieces and mix whatever entree we’re having with rice so that with each bite she gets a little bit of veggies, meat, and rice.  Her bowl of food is mixed pretty well.  It can look unappetizing at times but she’s just happy she’s eating.  Anyways, this girl will take the time to fish out all the rice prior to eating any vegetables or meat on her plate/bowl.  And then ask for more rice before she’s even touched her vegetables or meat!  It’s like a scavenger hunt.  She will take her fingers or whatever utensils she has and move the vegetables or meat aside to find that perfect morsel of rice.

Picture of her bowl from last night.  We were having Sinigang (filipino sour soup made with either pork or shrimp or fish vegetables) and rice.

She’s not picky.  She’ll eat most of her food.  It just takes her longer because she’s picking out her favorite part of the dinner before eating the rest.  It can be funny and entertaining watching her do this but frustrating too because it takes her so long to eat her food.  Does anyone else’s kids do this?  Or is this just my child?

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