another year over…

It’s been a week since the new year started, yet I feel like it’s already the end of January (I know I need to slow down.  There’s just a lot going on right now.)

2013 was an interesting year.  A bit tiring but still fulfilling.  In a nut shell:

Eva growing up before my very eyes (crawling, walking, feeding herself, running, babbling, talking).
Eva turning 1.
Eva developing her own personality (diva for sure, just like mommy 😉 my poor husband.).
A couple of traveling trips for the previous job.
A couple of ups and downs with the job search.
Excitement with no longer having to travel with a new job.
Excitement of having a new job.
Moving out of the place we started our family.
Moving into a two bedroom (no more cosleeping.  she previously slept in our room, but in her crib).

Among all that it was a year of less experimenting in the kitchen, with clothes, and blogging.  But with a growing child and a full time job outside the home, things get shifted around.

I do miss testing and creating recipes.  But serving dinner that’s quick yet healthy is the easier option at the moment.  Life of a working mom.  The time that I have to test recipes are the weeknights (after Eva sleeps which is when I may be trying to catch up on work or just trying to unwind from the day) or on the weekends which is family time.  I’m hoping work slows down in the next couple of wees and hopefully by then our new place will finally be organized where I should have time during the weeknights to test stuff out (Hopefully my laziness won’t get the best of me.  Something I really need to work on in 2014.  Stay motivated).  I do sometimes prep dinner the night before depending if it’ll be my “late” day at work (The hubs and I rotate days.  More on this in a future post of my organization tips.), but I don’t really test recipes at that time.  There’s a lot meal prep that happens at night for the next day (breakfasts and lunches), but more on that during a later post.

You’d think that now that I work outside our home, I’d be buying clothes left and right.  And I did in the beginning, but I was pairing my newly well fit clothes with my illfitting pre-pregnancy clothes (my post-pregnancy body has changed so much).  Tailoring will not fix the issues with these pants or skirts.  I really should get rid of them, but I don’t want to buy new clothes right now.  As the result of the move, I purged a number of clothes, yet I’m still completely unsatisfied with closet (which per the husband is still too much).  A serious styling session is needed.  Perhaps another closet edit is needed.

With that said, I do have a ton to share on the mommy, home organization, and beauty front.  Stay tuned!

So what’s in store for 2014?  More day travels around the Bay Area.  More time with the growing baby girl.  Eva goes to daycare (at the end of the month.  bittersweet moment.  more on this in a later post.)  More time at home with the hubs.  More cooking (healthy hopefully.  we’ve been eating so bad this last month due to the move and the holidays) in my smaller yet modern kitchen.  More growing professionally.  More travels (most likely domestic) for pleasure and not for business (YAY!).  More blogging.  More me time.

Overall, no real new years resolution.  Sure, I’d love to be more fit, eat healthier, do xyz, but all in all I just want to be spiritually and physically healthy, be more patient, be more positive, and be happy/content.  And I want that for my family.  It’s pretty simple although the simplest things are the most complicated ones.  But this is pretty simple.  As long as I have my family, my health, and my faith, I’m good.  

Here’s to a new year.  Let’s make it a good one.

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