Wedding Season is near!!!

I have been out-of-town this week for work, working late hours, so I haven’t really been able to post this week.  I’m not in a cool city.  I’m in a city where it was 80s on Monday, 20s and snowing (REALLY?!?!!  It’s May!!!) on Wednesday, and 60s today.  Yes, I’ve gotten to experience almost every season this week.  Crazy weather!  I’m so happy to head back to sunny and warm California today!  Plus I get to see baby girl and hubs.  I miss them!!!  Anyhow, I want to share something with you that holds a special place in my heart.

Wedding season is near.  I’m sure all brides-to-be have pinned a TON of  ideas on Pinterest.  Some DIY, some ideas in concept.  DIY weddings have been pretty big for quite some time.  For the hubs and I, we did a lot of things ourselves when we tied the knot (Save the Dates, invitations, menus, programs, and monogram – he designed those being the graphic design minor that he is and wanting to add his personal touch- wedding trailers and slideshow, etc.).  It’s a great way to save money and add a personal touch to your wedding day that you and your future Mr or Mrs and your guests can enjoy.  Just be weary not to take on too many DIY projects.  I’m not going to sit here and give you all the DIY ideas that we did for our wedding because some of our wedding ideas were from Weddingbee, StyleMePretty, (well the templates we used.  but the designs were our own his.) and other wedding websites.  We didn’t know about Pinterest until the year after the wedding.  Hmph!  Oh well.

The one DIY project I will share with you that I thought was such a great touch to our wedding was our wedding trailers.  We still mailed out save the dates and our invitations but on these we told our guests to go to our website to check for updates and so forth.  When they went to our website, they were linked to our wedding videos on YouTube.  It was basically a multimedia Save The Date if you may.  My husband learned iMovie and Adobe Premier (by playing around with the applications and by watching YouTube tutorials) and created videos for everyone to enjoy.  It was his idea and I still loved that he came up with it.  It was different.  It was fun.  It was US!

Here are our two wedding videos.  Yes, my acting needs TONS of work.  😛

The first wedding trailer is to announce our engagement slash Save the Date.  I LOVE this song!  The handwriting in the video is my husband.  Like I mentioned he watch tutorials on how to add that into the video.

This next trailer was released a couple of months before our wedding.  This one was more playful but trying to tell a story at the same time.  We’re trying to tell a story about traveling for work (which btw this story isn’t 100% true to life) but it’s more so about being the silly yet fun couple we are (at least in our eyes).  This video gets a bit “sexy/steamy” during some parts, so if you’re easily offended by sexiness, I suggest you turn away.

Here are our tips for making a successful wedding trailer.  For us, our wedding trailers were almost like music videos that conveyed a story and showing our love for one another, as opposed to some Q&A wedding trailers (which I think is perfectly fine).  We left the details of how we met and how our love blossomed (teehee. corny choice of words, but true) on our wedding website.

  1. Create a story board.  Be creative.  The hubs (who is the creative brains of our family) thought of a story he wanted to tell in each wedding trailer.  During this brainstorming process, decide if you want to go with a funny theme or romantic or something else.  
  2. Show case your relationship and love.  I’m not saying be lovey dovey (which is ok too) but show your fun and personal sides.  Your guests are already happy that you two are tying the knot, but make them be even happier.  Make them believe that LOVE is a possibility (corny, I know, but I LOVE love.  I love it when people fall in love and share their love story with others.  I’m a hopeless romantic!  Ok, let me stop).  Make them believe that true LOVE exists (Let me stop with the cornyness.  But I just LOVE weddings!)
  3. Enlist a friend to help film while you’re in front of the camera.  If friends aren’t available, think about your location and if a tripod would be suitable to use.
  4. If where you two met or live or where you’ll be getting married is special to you, show case it in your video.  We weren’t able to film where we met (we met in college), but we filmed our second video in San Francisco.  Our family and friends on the east coast got a glimpse of our “backyard.”
  5. Tape as many scenes if you can (if memory card space isn’t an issue).  In addition, tape all those scenes multiple times if you can.  It’s better to go with more scenes when editing than less.  Take lots of B-roll as they say in the film industry (okay they may not actually say that, but I was trying to be cool.  😛 )
  6. Pick a background song that conveys the same message.
  7. Let loose and have fun.  Smile!  You’re only a couple of days/weeks/months away to spending the rest of your life with the person you love the most.  🙂

If you don’t want to opt to do the DIY route, you could also hire a videographer or photographer or film director to help you do this.  If you do, I suggest you work with them to add your personal spin and touch to the video.  Make sure they capture you as a couple and your love for one another.

If you’d like me to share other wedding DIY ideas in a future post, comment below!  If you have more questions about this post or other wedding DIY ideas, send me an email, message me via twitter or comment below! 

Happy wedding season!

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