The Dressing Room – Basic Essentials

I’ve been a bit of a plain Jane lately.  Besides momiform #1, my other go to outfit is the classic T-shirt and jeans combo.  Some of you may say that the quintessential t-shirt and jeans outfit is boring but I LOVE it.  Something so simple is such a great base to some eye-popping accessories, like a detailed scarf, statement necklace, statement shoes, etc.  I especially love the white T-shirt and jeans combo, even if it isn’t baby friendly.  It’s crisp, chic and clean (well, clean until baby gets into something).  It’s an easy look to put together and on when trying to run errands with baby girl in tow.

My go-to places for basic tees are American Apparel (my favorite since they’re not as see through as other brands), H&M, Target (they constantly have deals for $5), and the classic Hanes packets.  While the crew neckline is classic and essential for this mommy, I prefer a V neckline, which can be impractical when running after baby girl (not trying to flash anyone here).

Here’s what I wore during a quick photography lesson with Laurie.  I dressed a basic outfit with my FAVORITE scarf and statement shoes.  It may be a bit too matchy, but my outfit was plain and created a great canvas for these accessories.  And the purse, let’s talk about this purse.  A big purse is such a necessity when I don’t want to carry around Eva’s big-ginormous-space-taking diaper bag (It’s a necessity but they’re just SO big, it’s like an overnight bag.).  If I know I’ll be gone for two to four hours with her, I’ll bring a big purse with us and pack the essentials instead of taking the diaper bag.  Her essentials?  2 diapers, wipes, changing mat, nursing cover, bottle, a toy, and maybe a change of clothes.  This way I can have a hand free while toting her around plus I only have to carry 1 bag instead of 2 (Or perhaps a smaller bag than her ginormous diaper bag.  Yes, this purse is smaller than her diaper bag!)


T-shirt:  H&M
Jeans:  Levi’s 524 Skinny Jeans
Shoes:  Target
Scarf:  H&M (old) | similar here
Purse:  H&M (old)
Watch:  Michael Kors

In my opinion, leopard ballet flats are a closet essential.  Rawr!

Testing out my camera.  Some of my other closet essentials:  leopard scarf and a men’s watch.

And to dress it up plus keep warm (which is necessary especially at night in the Bay Area), a leather jacket (from H&M a couple seasons ago).  

What are you closet basic essentials?

Photos by Laurie

4 thoughts on “The Dressing Room – Basic Essentials

    1. me too. but I was trying to run out of the house in a hurry and just pulled these shoes out. i hesitated at first and said i have to go this will do. 🙂 thanks for stopping by.

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