South Bay Bloggers

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet up with some fellow South Bay Area Bloggers.  It’s so great talking fashion, food, photography, etc. with these ladies.  As well as having a local community to bounce ideas and thoughts off of.  Lots of great ideas came out of our meeting and I can’t wait for the future has in store for us.  Please keep checking back for updates.

sbb edit

Getting ready to take some pictures after coffee.  


Taking lookbook photos with Laurie.  


Group shot with the girls taken by Laurie.  From top (L-R):  Vita, Jennifer, Olivia, Kate  Bottom (L-R):  Me, and Ngoc.
Somehow I didn’t get the no sunglasses memo.  Sorry ladies!  

Check out these girls amazing blogs.  They’re an amazing and talented bunch of ladies.

Top photo:  by Nesscetera.  Two bottom photos, photo cred:  Laurie.

Update:  With Google Reader shutting down in a couple months, be sure to follow me using WordPress Reader or Feedly or BlogLovin.

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