Happy White Day!

Happy WHAT?!?  Believe it or not, it’s an actual holiday.  A month after Valentines, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China observe White Day, where the girls gift the men in their life with chocolates or gifts.  The reason it’s called White Day, is because a confectionery company marketed marshmallows to gift to men back in 1977.  Now, companies are marketing white chocolate.  When I was growing up in Japan, they taught about us the holiday in Host Nations (a cultural class military kids have to take in the host country they’re stationed at.  You learn about the host nation’s culture, geography and history.) class.  Anytime we went off base in March, the stores would be adorn with blue/white decoration and gift displays symbolizing the holiday.

In the states, today is “Steak and BJ day.”  WHAT?!?  I know!  What an AWFUL name for a “holiday” to celebrate your love or appreciation for your significant other.  While the men in our lives deserve something special, do they really need to call it that?  Read LA Weekly’s post about it here.


I’m not sure which of these holiday names is better than the other.  But the underlying message of both is, do something special for your man today.  Their wallets burned a bit because of the inflated prices of Valentines Day (cynical, but true!) to impress us (even if we say we’re not a fan of the holiday).  So for enduring those painful lines and ridiculously priced roses he got you, how about doing something special?  Gift him with a techy gadget.  Take him to a hockey or baseball game.  Take him out to a nice dinner.  Perhaps at a steak house?  Or even a not so nice dinner.  If all he wants is bbq or a burger or tacos or McDonalds.  Or even make him a fancy shmancy dinner at home.  And if you want to, maybe give him some good lovin’ afterwards.  But that’s your choice.

Besides celebrating our significant others, it’s also Pi Day.  While its to celebrate mathematics, most associate the day with eating pie.  I am!  Is anyone having a pie feast?  Eating or baking or purchasing?  I could so go for an apple a la mode right now or key lime pie.  Yum!

03/14, pretty busy day.

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