Momma Diaries – Mom Dancing

I’m sure you all have seen this but I couldn’t resist.  I LOVE it!  FLOTUS and Jimmy Fallon! ❤

While I don’t usually dance like this (although it’s been about 2 years since I stepped into a club), I’m sure within the next couple of months when Eva  starts learning how to walk and baby dance, I will be doing some of these moves.  And you know what?  I will have no shame dancing like this, just for some giggles from my babygirl.  Pretty sure I do the “Happy Snapper,” “Hip bump,” and “Shake your hips twice to the same side” now.  And sometimes “The Dougie.”  HA!

2 thoughts on “Momma Diaries – Mom Dancing

  1. Dancing is wonderful. I’m glad you don’t have any shame in dancing. Giggles are good payback. I loved this video. Michelle Obama has some pretty good moves.

    1. Ha! No shame at all. Sometimes I’ll randomly bob my head or two step at the grocery store if I like the music enough. 😛 Michelle Obama has such a great sense of humor to do this with Jimmy Fallon. It’s just hilarious.

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