The Dressing Room – Business Casual & Bauble

FINALLY a lookbook post.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these!  My apologies in advance about the picture quality.  I decided not to take our fancy camera with me in case the hubs decided to take video of Eva while I was away, so I had to take pictures with my phone.  Minirant: While I love my phone, I don’t love the camera on my phone in some settings.  One of the few cons with the Nexus, especially when it’s cloudy.  If there’s ample natural sunlight, it’s fine.  Alas, I was not in direct sunlight for this picture.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the road for work.  I haven’t worn any work clothes in almost 9 months.  And I wasn’t even wearing my clothes properly back then (unbuttoned pants with rubber bands along with a bellyband to hold them up), since I had my pregger belly (which I sometimes miss) and refused to purchase maternity clothes.  Knit dresses were my friend at that time, especially ones with lots of stretch.  During my last trimester, I put my work clothes in storage since I wasn’t traveling for work.  So for this trip to Phoenix, I had to dig them out of storage.  Like I said during my last post, I was a bit excited to get to go to the office and dress up again.  Although my clothes fit differently than I remember (baggy in places that shouldn’t be baggy, like the butt).  Hmph!

Anyhow, I really love this outfit because of the awesome bauble I’m wearing.  The clothes are pretty basic:  slacks and a white blouse, but the statement necklace elevates the outfit for the “wow” factor.  I recently purchased it from LeMode.  LOVE!  They were so sweet and gifted me with some earrings that were shipped along this necklace.  What great customer service!


Blouse:  H&M (last season)
Tank:  Forever21
Pants:  Express Editor Pants (several seasons ago, similar here)
Shoes:  Vince Camuto (similar here)
Necklace:  LeMode

Love statement necklaces!

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