Is it bread or pizza?

I am a carb lover.  I love rice, pasta, and bread.  I am a bread LOVER.  I love all types.  I love pandesal (filipino dinner rolls), English muffins, Japanese sliced bread (sweeter and softer than regular sliced bread.  It’s as thick as Texas sliced bread, but better), croissants, pita, ciabatta, focaccia, baguette, etc.  We’ll have 3 different types of breads in our house at times and I’m still not satisfied (what a brat, I know!).  I truly do believe that the right type of bread makes a sandwich.  Think of your homemade sandwiches with sliced bread.  Now think of the same sandwich on a crusty or eggy bread (like brioche) from the deli.  There’s a difference isn’t there?  If I could, I would purchase baguette or some sort of crusty bread every week.  Unfortunately, when I do I only use half of it and the remainder gets stale (which I do use to make croutons).  I’m the only crusty bread lover in this house (The hubs does eats baguette loaves but only for bruschetta and garlic bread.  He doesn’t like it for sandwiches).  For some time, I’ve been wanting to make my own bread at home but the thought of making bread intimidates me.  I worry about kneading the dough too much that it will become dense or am I using the right flour, am I using the right yeast, etc.  My mom has a bread machine, which should make the whole process easier, but the thought of using such machinery also intimidates me.

That is until my sister introduced me to the blog, Marshalls Abroad.  Amanda lives in Okinawa because her husband is stationed there.  Love it!  Love reading about someone’s adventures living in Japan (lived there for 7 years during my adolescent years).  Love that she loves to travel.  Love that she loves cooking.  Anyhow, she shared a focaccia recipe and I was shocked by how easy it was.  I’ve made Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough which is relatively easy, so I was shocked to see that focaccia is just as simple.  Perhaps I thought it was hard because I thought it required bread flour (I didn’t really want to buy another type of flour) and to my excitement it didn’t!

I followed Amanda’s focaccia recipe, but altered it a tad.  I did not incorporate rosemary into the dough.  I indented the dough into quarters and flavored the tops of each quarter:  pesto and cheese; salt; salt & rosemary; mozzarella and cheddar.  I took the pesto quarter and had myself a mozzarella, roasted pepper, tomato, arugula, and prosciutto sandwich for dinner.  It was so tasty.  As I was preparing my sandwich, the husband came into the kitchen (he had eaten dinner beforehand as I was feeding Eva then) and asked if it was pizza crust sitting on the counter.  He took a piece to taste.  Minutes later he came back into the kitchen to have another piece and said “This is good.”  SUCCESS!  This recipe will definitely be in my recipe rotation.

For lunch, I took the rosemary portion and made myself an arugula, bleu cheese (laughing cow version), fig, and prosciutto sandwich.  DEELISH!

My sandwich with a side of white nectarines, burratta, and heirloom tomatoes.  Party in my mouth!

So scrumptious!

Do bread recipes intimidate you?  Do you have any easy bread recipes to share?

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