Fashion and Technology Innovation

I was reading a couple of articles recapping Fashion Week shows this morning and came across an article about Diane Von Furstenberg having some of her models sport Goggle Glasses as they walked down the runway sporting her Spring 2013 collection.  She, her creative director, and the Google Glasses creator then walked down the runway together during the finale sporting said glasses.  While the glasses aren’t that fashion friendly (come on don’t they remind of you of Star Trek’s Georgi La Forge’s glasses slightly?), they were used for a documentary that will come out shortly.

You gotta love her.  This woman is trying to meld fashion and technology together.  Last year, she released her Harper Connect Purse, which allows you to carry iPad without taking it out of the purse.  How innovative is she?!?  Love it!  I was really thinking about buying this purse last year, but the price tag stopped me from doing so.  Good thing I didn’t too since I sold my iPad.

Who says you can’t combine fashion and technology?

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