We know that fashion trends stems from past trends.  Some trends are great and innovative, while others should just remain in the past.  So when I saw that fashion bloggers and celebrities were sporting wedged sneakers, I was taken back a bit.

In my early high school years in Japan, I used to wear these GAWD awful sneaker wedges that almost looked like space shoes.  At the time it was somewhat of a popular trend in Asia.  I snapped up a pair when my family and I were visiting in Singapore and Korea.  Yes, I had two pairs!  I thought they were SO cool too.  My shoes looked similar to the ones below, but uglier because they were nylon and had a stripe in the middle.  I wore them with my baggy or flared jeans and thought I was THE trendsetter.  (Clearly, I was disillusioned.)  I tried to find a picture of me sporting said outfit, and THANK GOODNESS I couldn’t.  My husband, whose fashion opinion I do care about, would probably be turned off for months if he saw me sporting such a good awful outfit.  (We can talk and laugh about the outfits we wore when we first started dating that weren’t so great.  Obviously, we were still in that getting to know you phase, so we let it slide.  Not to say we don’t let some outfits slide now, but we do give each other our honest opinions about some of our outfits.  Especially if they’re just bad.)

The shoes above aren’t ugly.  Mine were UGLY.  The ones above are like Converses but with a wedge and I can deal with that.  Throw them on with a cute pair of short shorts or colored skinnies and a loose graphic tee and you have yourself a stylish yet effortless outfit.  Personally, I probably wouldn’t rock the shoes above; however, I would sport the Isabel Marant wedged sneakers, as shown below.  I LOVE that the wedge is hidden in the design.  I think that it’s what gives the shoe the casual yet sneaker head look.  But at almost $800, I’d look for a similar pair and cheaper.

There are a ton of options for this new trend and at various price points.  Take a look at ShopStyle or Polyvore and you’ll get a ton of different options.  Asos (one of my favorite online retailers) even has a couple of pairs.

You can go the classic with the Converse inspired wedge or hipster with the Isabel Marant Wedge (like I said there are cheaper options) or go a bit sportier with the Nike Dunk Wedge.

Will this be a trend you follow?  How long do you think it’ll last?

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