Pregnancy Must Haves

As I’m approaching my final weeks of pregnancy, I wanted to share with you my Pregnancy Must Haves.  These products have helped me with my skin, style, lifestyle, etc.

Elemis Camellia Japanese Oil – I’m sure you’ve heard of Mama Mio and their Tummy Rub Oil or Boob Tube.  I’ve heard it works wonders and prior to purchasing Elemis, I was really thinking about buying this.  However, during my New Year’s cruise the Masseuse convinced me to purchase Elemis (I’m a salesperson’s dream.).  I put this on after I step out the shower.  It’s supposed to last you 3 months but somehow I’ve stretched it out for 6 months because I didn’t always use it everyday.  And I haven’t had any stretch marks!  I know it’s partially a hereditary thing (my mom didn’t have any belly stretch with my sister or I), but I’d like to think using this has helped.  Plus the moisture keeps the belly and my breasts from getting ridiculously itchy.  I noticed during the days I didn’t use it, I’d scratch all day.  Plus Victoria Beckham loves it.  LOL!  You can purchase this at Amazon.

Moisturizing Lotion – After slathering Elemis oil on my belly and bust, I would put moisturizing lotion all over my body after that (I do this regardless of being pregnant).  I found the more I moisturized my skin (especially my belly and bust), the less irritated and itchy I’d be.  I personally like Cetaphil (winter) or Aveeno (spring/summer).

Rubber Bands or Elastic ties – When I didn’t want to buy maternity clothes (up until the 6th-7th month timeframe) and could still fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans/pants minus buttoning or zipping them up, I’d take rubber bands or elastic hair ties and place them on my button and loop them through the hole and hook it back onto the button.  This helped keep my pants up and I didn’t have to buy maternity clothes until I got a bit larger.  To hide this imperfection, I’d wear a long tank over this area or use the Belly Band.

Belly Band – To keep your pre-pregnancy pants in place and cover the rubber bands/elastic ties holding your pants together.  There are a ton of brands that sell them.  I know Target and Walmart have their own version.  But I’ve heard good things about the Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand.  I went with the Tummy Sleeve by Motherhood Maternity.  Or you could DIY and if you have a tube top lying around use that.  While it probably doesn’t have as much elastic as the Bella Band or Tummy Sleeve to keep your pants up, it helps conceal the zipper and button area.

Gap’s Maternity Maxi Skirt – This skirt is so soft and comfy.  I live in mine!  A bit pricier than other options such as Liz Lange for Target, but I got mine during a friends and family sale.  LOVE IT!!!

H&M Fitted Dress – This isn’t maternity wear, but it’s stretchy and grows with you!  I’ve learned that during these last couple of months of pregnancy, you should wear body hugging clothing.  Enhance that bump because it actually accentuates your curves and makes you look smaller than wearing something that’s loose… well at least for me.  For $12.95, it totally helps keep the maternity clothing budget within reach.  You can easily dress this up with a blazer or a necklace and heels or dress it down with loafers or ballet flats.  It’s such an easy and affordable piece to add to your wardrobe.  I did end up getting a size up and bought two.  I figured if they’re a bit baggy after the pregnancy, I could belt it and make it more casual looking or donate it.  I’m not crying too much over $12.95.

Lush bath bombs – Bubble baths were totally necessary after the first trimester.  They helped me relax and to ease any aches or pains I was feeling.  I fell in love with Lush Bath Bombs and use them for every bath I take.  Definitely heed with caution when taking baths and follow appropriate guidelines in terms of how hot or warm the water should be.

Epsom salt – This is a recent must have item.  Within this last month my feet and hands have began to swell, but I feel fortunate as it’s not as bad as other women I’ve seen around my OB/GYN’s practice.  But it does become unfortunate because my shoes are tighter and I can’t wear my engagement or wedding rings.  After a recent prenatal massage and me complaining about my fingers (I feel more pain in my fingers and hands than my feet) due to pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, the masseuse suggest that I soak my hands in cold water with epsom salt.  It totally helped too!  These are daily pains (which are usually bad in the morning) and I do this ritual when my hands are really hurting or it’s hot outside.  But I also do this if I’ve been on my feet for long periods of time.

The book “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn” – I was going to read the so called pregnancy bible “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” but I read that it’s somewhat pessimistic and if you’re a worry worm like I am, it isn’t the best book to read.  So after much research, I purchased this book.  I have found it informative.  The book concentrates on both what happens during a normal pregnancy and if you’re at risk and what you should expect without being daunting.  The book is available on Amazon.

Fit Pregnancy – Love this magazine!  I’m a fan of Women’s Health, Self, Shape, etc. so something related to pregnancy and fitness together was perfect!  The con – the publish date is every other month so you have to wait a while for a new issue.

So those are my pregnancy must haves.  I’m at my 38th week at this point and just waiting for the little one to make her appearance any day now.  I’ll keep you all updated.

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