I’ve been a bit MIA lately.  It’s been a trying couple of days.

I approached my 36th week of pregnancy last week and it got a bit harder overnight.  I’ve felt aches and pains throughout my pregnancy but last week’s aches and pains were to the point that I had to force myself to slow down a lot.  Hip pain, my carpal tunnel got worse, swollen feet, back pain, constant need to go to the bathroom even though I just went, indigestion, upset stomach, etc.  Throughout my pregnancy I’ve learned to listen to my body and have taken it easier (which sometimes is hard when you’re a type A control freak from the east coast that’s just a GO-GO-GO type of girl), but last week I had to take it even slower.  It’s definitely an adjustment and makes me anxious that I can’t do some tasks as quickly because I have a list of to do’s that I’d like to get done before her arrival.  I’m chipping away at my list slowly.  I know what needs to get done will get done and what doesn’t – well that’ll just get done after she’s here.  Isn’t that what they say about kids anyway?  Forget making specific plans because they’ll make them for you.  Or something along those lines.  I’m trying to relax as much as possible (still working until the time I start laboring though but my workload has decreased) because I don’t want to go into labor sooner than my due date.  I’m trying to enjoy these last few weeks of just me and hubby time.  Plus I want my mom and in laws here when I deliver.  But I know she’ll make her arrival when she wants to and it’s not up to me or anyone else for that matter.

The hubs has been a trooper and is trying to get me to just prop my feet up and relax on the couch while he cleans around the house and cooks dinner.  I feel so guilty at times that I’m not helping out but I am so lucky to have him lending a hand.  More later on why I’m an incredibly blessed wife.

While this sounds like a lot of complaining, I’m trying not to.  These are my thoughts and how I’ve been feeling.  I read a blog post from Jenna Von Oy (yes, the girl from Blossom who played Six) last week on people and she mentions that pregnant women should share the joys and pains of pregnancy because it’s not all sunshine BUT it is completely worth it.  Some women have easy pregnancies, others have harder ones.  You’ll never know what type of pregnancy you’ll have.  But you should embrace it because in a matter of months you’ll have have this bundle of joy and experience the “miracle of life.”

I’ve been fortunate to have a relatively “easy” pregnancy.  Nausea, queasiness, and fatigue during the first trimester.  The second trimester for me was a breeze minus when my carpal tunnel started (but it wasn’t as bad as it is now) and headaches due to hormone changes.  Other than that, I felt like myself with a growing belly.  The beginning of the third trimester was pretty good too.  Half way through my allergies picked up (they seem worse than last season.  don’t know if it’s the environment or the pregnancy), my carpal tunnel got worse, hip pain, frequent bathroom trips, indigestion, etc.  I’m fortunate and lucky to not have a high risk pregnancy.  I fortunately haven’t had any scares.  I’m fortunate to not be constantly sick.  Beside food or smell aversions it hasn’t been too bad.  All the pains and discomforts are forgotten though when I feel her hiccup or kick or move in my belly.

But it comes down to the hubs and I have wanted this.  Before we got married we knew we wanted a family but wanted to wait a year after marriage to enjoy each other’s company (even though we had been together for 7 years at that point), have the freedom to do whatever we want (going out for a drink, concerts, movies at odd hours, etc) and travel (such a well worth trip!).  While we weren’t trying for long (The first couple of months of trying, there were tears because I didn’t see results right away and I wondered if we were able to.  My heart goes out to those who struggle for months and years.), we prayed (I don’t mean to get religious on you all but again I’m sharing) to be blessed with a baby but left it to God.  If he thought we were ready, then he’d bless us but it was on his terms, not ours.  A few months later, we were blessed with the news that we were pregnant and I cannot wait til our little one is here (in a matter of weeks!  feels like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER) regardless of the aches and pains.  Thankful for being blessed with this amazing life and starting a family with the love of my life (tear!).

I’m so thankful this man I call my husband.  He knew I was having a rough week and took care of me and tidied up our place for baby girl’s arrival.  Being the awesome husband he is, he even planned a day trip to Santa Cruz so I could enjoy the beach one last time before the little one gets here and get some R&R.  ❤  We just laid out on the beach most of the day (unfortunately, I had to lay on my side because I can’t lay on back and switched from side to side.  we didn’t have beach chairs with us.  oh well.), walked around the boardwalk, and indulged in boardwalk food (Corndogs.  Garlic Fries.  Fried Twinkies.  Fried Oreos.  Chocolate Dipped Cone.  so bad for you but so good.  completely nostalgic!).  I even got a little tan.  We got there early and left early which was great because we beat the beach traffic home and continued to enjoy the relaxing day at home.  Perfect Sunday!

My baby bump and I enjoying the beach

Deep Fried Oreos for me

Deep Fried Twinkies for the hubs

So that’s what I’ve been feeling lately and why I’ve been MIA.  I hope to keep updating within these next couple of weeks.  Besides being exhausted, I’ve had writers block lately, so any recipe ideas, lookbook requests/ideas, travel tips, DIYs, pregnancy must haves you’d like me to discuss, please comment below!

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