Jewelry Haul

It’s been a busy first half of the week.  We had breastfeeding class on Monday and then Childbirthing class yesterday.  I’m just ready for it to be the weekend.  But even then we have to prep for the baby’s arrival (clean the house, her clothes, organize her nursery area, set up the car seat, etc.).  While not everything will get done before she gets here, it’s tiring just thinking about it.  I’m kind of in need of some me/grown up time for a little bit.  Retail therapy perhaps?  Or maybe indulge in a massage or date night?  We’ll see…

Speaking of retail therapy, while in LA it was my mission to find some new jewelry pieces to add to my collection.  I was a bit successful but I wish I found more statement pieces like neon necklaces, rose gold bracelets, or pastel bracelets.  I was trying to find cheaper alternatives to Forever21 and Asos and I did but like I said, I wish I found more trendy seasonal pieces.

Here are the necklaces I snapped up.


Left to Right:  beaded turquoise necklace; leaf choker necklace; dove, anchor, and wishbone charm necklaces; orange and turquoise geometrical statement necklace; beaded coral necklace

Now for some arm candy.


Front three left to right:  Hamsa charm bracelet, leather buckle bracelet, leaf charm bracelet


Back left to right:  Beaded green and blue neon bracelet, leather brown bracelet, studded white and blue leather zig zag necklace.

I really would love more hot pink and neon yellow pieces.  I’m constantly looking at Forever21, H&M, Zara’s, Asos, etc. for these type of pieces and haven’t been successful… maybe that just means I should stop shopping for me and start saving for my baby girl.  😛 Hmmmm… Nahhhh.

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