Weekly Roundup

Still exhausted… no matter how much I sleep.  I want my little one to be here already, but then I also just want to the time the hubs and I have before she gets here.

This week I’m thankful for…

The fresh baby smell of Dreft.  I did baby girl’s first load of laundry on Tuesday and was loving the fresh baby smell of Dreft detergent.

Hand me downs.  All the clothes above are my nieces’ clothes.  But I couldn’t help myself and purchased a couple of clothes for her myself.  Buying clothes is actually a bit difficult because of the weather in the bay area.  I can’t decide if I should buy dresses that are 0-3 months because June – August can range anywhere from low 70s to mid 80s as the highs and 50s to 60s as the lows in the Bay area.  Then in September/October it gets hotter.  Sometimes closer to 90s, so do I get dresses that are 3-6 months in size?  It’s pretty predictable but still difficult when rotating your clothes.  Even for me.  😛

Seeing boxes of baby items (car seat, stroller, bouncer, etc.) in our apartment.  Makes me excited to meet the little one, but freaks me out at the same time.  It’s almost that time.

Boiling Crab dinner with the family the last night they were here.  It was a triple celebration with my sister in law’s bday this upcoming weekend, mothers day, and congrats you’re done with grad school.  They serve some TASTY dungeness crab.  But nothing will beat Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab’s and feasting at Captain Pell.

8 hours of our AC working properly.  I was SO EXCITED when it was working.  But there’s a downside.  While watching Captain America on Thursday night, we heard a loud noise coming from our furnace closet and it started smelling like burnt plastic.  Then it started kicking on and off again and it wasn’t getting cool.  😦  Doesn’t help that I get hot quickly due to the pregnancy.

Dunkin Donut K Cups!  My mother in law brought us some boxes of K Cups for our Keurig.  We LOVE us some Dunkin Donuts.

The Friday Downtown farmers market has begun.  YAY for fresh summer fruits and veggies.

Speaking of summer veggies and fruits, I encourage you to try out these healthy summer and breakfast recipes I’ve recently tried out.

Hopefully this warmth will stick around and I can continue to wear dresses as opposed to leggings.

Hope you all had a great week.

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