The Dressing Room – Pregnancy Uniform

I haven’t been posting as much within the last week and a half because I was spending some quality time with my in laws while they were in town for the baby shower.  Since they left, I’ve been ridiculously tired (one of the many perks of pregnancy midway through the third trimester) and have been nesting.  I walk around the house and all I want to do is clean and try to organize everything for her arrival, but I can’t decide what to tackle first.  Cleaning my closet and drawers to make room for her clothes (this is the hardest task of all. We’re talking closet, drawers, misc drawers of where my make-up, jewelry, purses, hair tools, shoes, etc. are)?  Organize the kitchen cabinets for her bottles?  Decorate her side of the room?  Set up her glider?  Install her car seat (this one needs to get done ASAP more than anything else)?  Pack my hospital bag?  I seriously need someone like Rosie Pope to come in an organize our apartment for her arrival.  lol.  Or perhaps we need a bigger place, but I LOVE our place and that’s just not going to happen for another year.  Don’t want too many changes going on at one time (but that’s life).

I did her first load of laundry last night.  My sister in law brought some of the nieces’ clothes with her, so we’re set for the next 6 months.  Of course, I have been looking for clothes for her too.  Some of these outfits are too cute that I just can’t take it.  But while shopping I did notice some outfits that were just HIDEOUS!  My biggest pet peeve while shopping for her?  First is sizing.  It’s so inconsistent (like adult clothing).  Second is I can’t find anything purple!  I’m coming to terms with the pink (not a big fan of pink), but I’d love to have more purple in her wardrobe and I can’t find anything.  I’m thinking about DIYing some onesies for her using Maegan’s tutorial or a couple from pinterest.  I just get so tired and lazy though.  I wanted to do a decorate a onesie table for the baby shower, but no one knows her name (we’re not sharing it until she’s here) and a little more than half of the guests were boys, so I don’t know how successful that would have been.  I’m also thinking about taking up sewing (I’ve said this before and got lazy to stick to it) and making some dresses for her.  My friend, who has an adorable 1 year old daughter, has been really inspired by various pinterest pins that she’s started creating some outfits based off of pins and nowcoming up with her own designs.  You can say she’s inspired me as well.  We’ll see if I have time to do all that with work and getting our house ready.

Anyhow – enough baby talk!  It appears that’s all on my mind these days.  I do have a little over a month and a half to go.  So soon!

This episode of dressing room features what I’ve called my “pregnancy uniform.”  You’ve heard me talk about wearing leggings, a tank or tee, and blazer or tunic, but I have yet to post an outfit showing this.  This outfit it a little similar but I’m still technically wearing jeans.  I would throw on the following outfit on right now  because it’s so simple, classic, and comfy, but it’s been so warm in the bay area this last week and a half that I hate when my clothes cling to me and make me hotter (yet another perk of pregnancy late in the game.  warmer than usual body temperature).  Currently, our AC is broken and the maintenance man is FINALLY coming over today to fix it.  THANK GOODNESS!

At the Santa Monica Boardwalk


Button-up Shirt:  H&M
Leggings:  Forever21
Faux Leather Jacket:  H&M (last season or two seasons ago)
Belt:  H&M (last season)
Shoes:  Target
Purse:  Canal Street (last seen here)

Earlier in the day, I was wearing my Clark boots with these (very equestrian looking might I say), but as it got warmer, I had to switch to the flats.  I would love to wear heels with my outfits to dress them up, but walking a mile or two in heels while pregnant isn’t exactly comfortable.  I commend Jessica Simpson, Kourtney Kardashian, etc. for making it look effortless; however, they probably have their own personal assistants or masseuses to massage their feet at the end of the day.

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