Weekly Roundup

Sunny days.  LOVE enjoying these days by sitting outside with the hubs and getting some Vitamin D.  But the downside of enjoying the outdoors are my allergy attacks (some days Claritin works better than others) plus not being able to enjoy a brewsky while its warm outside.  But for now iced tea, lemonade, or frappuccino (decaf or half caff) will have to do.  (P.s. Don’t forget about Starbucks’ 50% off Frappuccino Happy Hour from today to May 13th from 3-5pm.)

Realizing that I’m almost at Gold status with Starbucks.  Almost there…

Enjoying Halo-Halo, Filipino version of Bingsoo (which is shaved ice with sweetened mung beans, coconut palm sport, jackfruit, agar agar, evaporated milk, leche flan, and ice cream) on a warm day.

Successfully being able to surprise the hubs that our nieces are coming in town with my sister in law.  I had to keep the secret from him since March and then convince him to that our baby shower venue shouldn’t be at a wine bar (even though none of our friends are under 21).  Ha!

Hubs’ family being in town for our baby shower.  Love when we have visitors from home.  It makes whatever homesickness I have at times go away.  The downside is my sister and mom weren’t able to come out here for this weekend and join in on the festivities because my sister couldn’t take off work.  But they’ll be out here in June and August, spoiling my little one.

I meant to schedule this post for yesterday but I got busy with my baby shower and enjoying the company of our family being in town.  I’ll be posting pictures of our shower sometime this week.  I have somewhat of a lookbook post I can put together.  I didn’t get to take actual lookbook pictures because I was busy talking to everyone and opening gifts.

Don’t forget to check out last week’s Trippin – LA and Meatless Monday posts.

Happy Monday!

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