Meatless Monday – Raclette

Have I mentioned how much I love Trader Joe’s?  LOL!  While grocery shopping one day, I stopped by the cheese aisle because I was looking for pasteurized (can’t have cheese with raw milk during pregnancy) parmesan cheese and saw this.

My first thought was please let it be pasteurized cheese because I would LOVE to try.  Thank goodness it was (although I’m sure the French would disapprove).  The next thought was I cannot wait to make this at home.

I first had raclette during a trip to Borough Market in London.

Raclette contraption to melt cheese.

Boiled potatoes, cornichons, and cheese.

 The melted cheese is served over boiled potatoes with pats of butter and cornichons.  The cheese is melted on the contraption as shown in the first picture, and then placed on top of the potatoes.  Obviously, I don’t have the contraption above, so in order to melt the cheese to it’s GOOEY GOODNESS state, you have to use the broiler.

I suppose you could do this with any cheese but the Trader Joe Raclette cheese is the stinky buttery goey goodness I remember having at Borough Market (the hubs complains about the smell whenever I make this, so I try to have it when he’s not at home).

This recipe is easy.  Boil some potatoes in salted water to almost tender.  Then place in an ovensafe dish add pats of butter, salt, and pepper then top with cheese and place in the broiler for 3-5 minutes.  The directions are on the back of the package.  They also suggest using broccoli instead of potatoes for a healthier kick.  I did my own twist the other day and added sauteed mushrooms and spinach on top of the boiled potatoes.

My lunch the other day.


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