Weekly Roundup

From now on instead of doing monthly favorite posts (because they can get lengthy), I’m going to start doing weekly roundup posts summarizing posts from the week, random ramblings, things I’m thankful for/weekly favorites.  But since we haven’t done an April favorites yet, this will be an April favorites and weekly roundup post all in one.

Instagram for Android!  Loving this app.  Most of my photos are of food though.  LOL.  I need to start taking pictures of things other than my food.  But I am indulging in some tasty eats right now that I just want to share with you all.  I wonder why…. hmmm.  😛

FINALLY getting over my frustration of shopping for maternity clothes AND actually buying them.  I had to.  It’s been a bit warm lately and as the weather heats up leggings aren’t always going to work.  I’m so happy that they were stylish affordable pieces because maternity clothes are not cheap.

Sporting maternity colored jeans along Rodeo Drive

Road trips around California.  Whether it be a day trip down to Monterey or a long weekend trip down to LA.

View of the coastline during the drive down the PCH.

Babymoon with the hubs.  We didn’t do anything crazy or hectic during our mini vacation, but it was nice to get away from home/work, stay at a hotel, and enjoy another city.

Eating my way around LA.  🙂

Late night gelato indulging.

Jewelry finds.  I’m obsessed with accessories right now because these pieces can dress up my plain outfits.  I can’t follow some the trends I’d like to because that would require loads of cash to buy trendy maternity clothes that I’ll only be needing for the next month and a half (what a waste!).  I love that I found stuff at the Fashion District and Melrose Trading Post.  I’ll do a haul post soon.  I actually would have purchased more but I felt bad dragging the husband from store to store at Fashion Valley. 

Babygirl kicking/moving more often.  AND the hubs finally able to feel her.  It was a such a PERFECT tender moment (corny I know!) the the night we got back from our LA trip/babymoon.  As we were laying in bed, she was moving so I told him to put his hand on my tummy (up until this point he had yet to feel her kick) and she started kicking for her dad.  Perfect way to end our trip.  So excited he feels her kicks now.  Makes him more involved in the pregnancy and makes me excited for her arrival and being a complete family.

Starting childbirthing classes.  While its overwhelming because of all the information they throw at you, it’s nice to be around moms and dads to be and know that they’re going through the same thing.  Plus it’s a reminder that babygirl is almost here!

Farmers Market season.  Love that it’s strawberry and orange (navel, blood, mandarins) season.  The strawberries and oranges are SO SWEET.  I can’t get enough.  At least I’m indulging in healthy food too right?

Navel and blood oranges, mandarins, and 3 pints of cleaned and hulled strawberries from yesterday’s Farmers Market.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

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