Wishlist Wednesday – Asos Maternity

I FINALLY bit the bullet and bought maternity clothes!  I was struggling to put a decent outfit together on Saturday and Sunday.  It was such a beautiful weekend that I wanted to wear something that was breezy and bright as opposed to my pregnancy uniform (leggings, tunic/tee/blazer), which is still stylish.  I tried on pre-pregnancy skirts that had with an elastic waist but they didn’t sit right as I was wearing them below my belly.  I tried on my fat (every girl has fat pants for those days) pre-pregnancy cargos, but they bunched in the wrong places.  I tried on a couple of pre-pregnancy dresses but they were darker colored, so it felt a bit drab.  I finally decided to convert a maxi dress into a skirt and put a bright dolman shirt over it.  Not the best look but I was over trying outfits at this point (probably 45 minutes to an hour).  It was then that I decided I was going to go to the mall that day (Sunday), after a lovely brunch outside, to look for maternity clothes.  I’d had enough.

On the shopping list was bottoms and a couple dresses because I have enough pre-pregnancy shirts that are stretchy enough to hopefully get me through the next two months.  But because I gravitate towards classic pieces, I still bought a couple of darker items.  BUT also bought a couple of lighter colored options.  I also bought “regular” clothes in a larger size.  Random plug – H&M’s basic collection is AWESOME and cheap too!  Looking for shorts/capris/pants proved to be challenging though.  I’ve gained a little weight in the hip area that there was some weird folding in the crotch of pants and shorts I was trying on.  It was NOT cute.  Some stuff I could fake it and cover it up, others I could not.  Boo.

So with my newly acquired wardrobe, I’m hoping that even though I will be more uncomfortable these next two months, at least I’ll be a little more stylish.  I’m really excited about taking a few of the pieces with me to LA and taking lookbook photos!  I know I haven’t taken any lately but that’s because I’m usually in leggings, tunic/tee, blazer, and flats/boots.  Boring but chic and makes me feel a little stylish with this growing belly.

Anyhow, Asos was having a 50% off sale last week and I browsed some of the maternity section but wasn’t too impressed with the sale selection; however, I do really like their regularly priced maternity wear.  These are the items I’d love to purchase for Spring/Summer 2012.

I LOVE STRIPES!  I love the nautical look, it’s classic and chic.  I would get something like this but I have a similar top from Old Navy and bought a similar dress from H&M with shorter sleeves but chunkier stripes.  Asos has a similar top.  Gap has a similar dress and has a 25% off sale right now.

I’m aslo sucker for a wrap dress.  This dress is perfect for pregnancy because you accentuate your bump plus you’re flaunting a little bit of cleavage.  They’ve grown since you got pregnant so if you got it, flaunt it a little bit, but do so tastefully.

I’m also a sucker for a shift dress.  LOVE shift dresses.  If I was in the office or on the road more during this pregnancy, I’d purchase this dress.

I love classic pieces, like a pencil skirt.  This green pencil skirt is perfect for the spring allowing you to be comfy and stylish enough to color block.

On trend the last couple of months and continuing through the spring and summer are high-low tops and skirts.  I saw a couple of similar tops at Forever21; however, with the growing belly, the low (front of the shirt) part came up to my belly button, so it didn’t completely cover my belly.  But if you have a smaller belly than me, it may work for you.

Similar to TopShop, Asos has the colored skinny jeans.  I love this coral color, but you could always go with something lighter and more romantic like mint or sky blue or rose.

Of course, there’s so much more to Asos and I could probably spend even more time sharing what I’d like from their shop, especially if we were talking about pre-pregnancy clothes.  Plus how amazing are their accessories?  Shoes, purses, jewelry, etc.  I really wanted to snag a couple of bracelets and necklace from their jewelry selection, but I wanted to see what they had at LA’s fashion district and Melrose Trading Post this weekend.  Can’t wait!

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