Wishlist Wednesday – TopShop Maternity

I desperately need to shop for new maternity clothes.  Just when I thought my hips couldn’t get bigger, they did.  I have to do the wiggle dance to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans and that’s just to get them to my hips.  Then I partially zip them up and put a belly band on to cover that my pants aren’t buttoned.  It’s not completely uncomfortable nor is it comfortable.  It’s not the greatest option but I’m really trying to not buy maternity jeans.  So I usually wear leggings, but I’m OVER wearing black leggings.  It’s just so dark and drab.  It’s spring, I should be wearing colors, either pastel or neon!  I really wish I could wear the trendy colored skinny jeans.  They have maternity colored skinny pants, but I just can’t bring myself to spend $70 for a maternity trend that may not be in style when I’m pregnant again in a couple years.  I’d like to buy maternity clothes that are investment pieces (they’re not cheap) that I could wear whenever I get pregnant next.

I’ve heard fabulous things about TopShop Maternity, especially their jeans (definitely a cheaper alternative than J Brand maternity jeans).  I’ve been browsing their clothes and here are a couple things that I’d like to buy if money was no object (because TopShop isn’t cheap).  Payday is around the corner, I may splurge and buy the jeans!

Maternity Pretty Blossom Tee.  Perfect color and print for the spring.  I love that the print isn’t too crazy, which is a bonus for me because I find some prints can overwhelm my frame.

MOTO Maternity Baxter Jeans.  I’ve heard great things about these jeans.  I particularly love the wash.  The maternity jeans I’ve been looking at are all dark washes, which I know is for the slimming effect, but it would be nice to be in lighter wash for a change since I’m always in black leggings.

Maternity Ponte Legging.  Again I love the color, especially since I’ve been wearing black leggings.  A different option to the khaki look but with stretchy cotton give!  Stretchy cotton has definitely been my friend when dressing my bump.

Maternity Nep Roll Back Tee.  You know I have an obsession with stripes, so this definitely caught my eye.  Plus its perfect for spring with the mint green color!

Maternity Drop Back Woven Tee.  While this is plain, I love the breeziness of the shirt.

Any suggestions where to shop for maternity wear.  Recommendations are so really appreciated.

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