Something new

It’s been said that we are creatures of habit, so naturally we do things that are familiar and stray away from that isn’t.  Although I’m not a huge fan of medicine due to the variety of side effects it causes, I’m also not into homeopathic/eastern medicine.  BUT I am curious about it and am not opposed to trying it.

My father in law went to his Chinese medicine doctor a couple months ago and she recommended that I have a session done as it will help balance the baby.  My sister in law did it when she was pregnant with her first and believed it helped, so she encouraged that I try it also.

It was definitely an interesting experience.  The doctor had me hold a small metal rod as she poked my hands and feet with a metal pen to measure the depth of my various meridian lines.  The pen was attached to the computer so after she was done measuring the various points in my hand and foot, she analyzed the depth of the pressure points on her computer.  Her assessment?  I have a good heart but a weak stomach.  I have toxic blood (not sure what that meant? was it my actual blood or because I get easily stressed out?) but the baby is helping me out (I definitely think my baby makes me analyze my action and make me more conscious of how I treat others).  After she told me all this, she then had me lay down and poked me a couple times.  I didn’t realize she had left the acupuncture needles in me, since it felt like she just pricked me but took the needle out.  I looked down and they were there.  As I laid there for 15-30 minutes, I felt baby girl moving like crazy!  I’ve heard this happens when you’re pregnant due to all the blood rushing through your system.  I was definitely relaxed and would have probably fallen asleep had baby girl not been moving around so much.

I didn’t feel any different after the session, but I suppose it was just to give the baby balance as opposed to making me feel better.  I’ve read that some pregnant women go to acupuncturist have their discomforts eased.  But I didn’t have any discomforts prior the session, so perhaps she didn’t concentrate on doing that.

Have you tried homeopathic/eastern medicine?  Did it work for you?

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