Parents with Style

Since we’ve approached the last trimester of my pregnancy, we’re starting to prepare for the baby’s arrival with registering for baby items, looking at cribs, etc.  The one thing I have yet to decide on is a diaper bag.  I’m trying to find one that’s stylish and practical, but something that my husband wouldn’t mind carrying around when he’s toting her around.  Along with every other baby item, there is an ABUNDANCE of options (So overwhelming btw!).  Trying to find one that fits our needs and both our style is difficult.  Some people swear by Vera Bradley’s diaper bag and while they’re cute, it’s just not my style.  I would LOVE to have a designer diaper bag, but is that really practical?

If I could I’d purchase one of these.  A girl could dream.  Or splurge using her tax refund.  😛  We’ll see…

Gucci Tote Diaper Bag (retails at $740).  Chic yet classic.  It’s a bit feminine because it is a tote but it’s just so classic.  I LOVE IT!  But then again I have a LOVE affair with Gucci.  I blame my mom’s designer purse obsession in the early 90’s when we used to live in Italy.  Thank goodness she kept onto a couple of her purses.  I happened to snap up her Gucci doctor’s bag (similar to the LV speed bag).

Gucci Diaper bag (retails at $990).  I think this would fit both the hubs and mine’s style.  I think Halle Barry was seen with this diaper bag when her daughter was younger.

Gucci Messenger Bag (Retails at $950).  This would fit both our styles too and is the more unisex option.

Burberry Check Diaper Bag (Retails at $695).  This one is more feminine.  I like the print and the fact that it doesn’t SCREAM out Burberry.  While I love the classic Burberry print on a cashmere scarf, I don’t like the print on purses.  I prefer the more subtle look.

Prada Nylon Baby Bag (Retails at $1,140).  The most expensive one, but is completely nylon making it easier to clean up.  Jessica Alba has been seen with this diaper bag.  But based on Sak’s comparison of this bag on a 5’5″ silhouette, it seems a bit large for my 5’2″ frame.  I think I would end up looking shorter than I already am.

There’s also a Fendi messenger diaper bag that compares to the Gucci messenger bag, but a tad bit more expensive.  I thought I’d like Kate Spade’s diaper bags, but found them too feminine.  Same thing with Marc Jacobs.  Both designer diaper bags range around the $400-$600 mark.  The next designer brand would be Storsak which ranges around $200.  Both Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba have been seen with this brand’s diaper bag.  Perhaps that’s where I’ll look next.

I have another month or so to keep looking for affordable yet stylish options.  Do you have any suggestions for stylish diaper bags?  Please share.

Have a great Easter weekend!

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