i’m baaaack

Why hello there!  I’m back.  Actually I got back home almost a week ago but I was super busy with work.  I went away for a work trip for a week and instead of coming home on Friday, I flew back to the DC metro area to see my mom, sister, and my in laws.  It was such a perfect weekend to be in DC too.  The weather was AMAZING!  The only regret I had was not going to the tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms.  😦  This year actually commemorates the 100th year since they’ve been planted.  I’ve been before but I just love being around cherry blossoms (even when the pollen count is high and I get ridiculous allergies).  Growing up in Japan, there would be a cherry blossom festival on the naval base and there was this one spot that had a row of cherry blossoms that you could walk under.

Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?    

We have a couple of parks in the bay that have them but the row of cherry blossoms along the tidal basin is just GORGEOUS!  Love DC!

But being back home to see my family, friends, and coworkers before the baby arrives was nice.  I’ll see some of them in May for my baby shower or in June when I give birth, but some of them I probably won’t see until Christmas and during that time I’ll be toting around a 6 month old.  How crazy!

But I’m back in the bay enjoying the hubs’ company!  AWW!  And as I enter my third trimester this week, I’m glad I’m not traveling for a while (at least for work.  still got that babymoon to plan.  LA perhaps?) because I have a ton of to do’s before babygirl arrives.

Enough rambling for now.  I just wanted to say hi and I will be posting pictures from my trip to DC along with the usual lookbooks, recipes, etc.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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