Oh how I miss you

While I love being pregnant, being told to relax and being given reason to relax plus indulging in food (in moderation of course), there are a couple things I do miss having or indulging in.

Wine or beer!  I’m not a huge drinker but after a long day or week, that glass of wine (LOVE Napa Valley’s V. Sattui) or beer hits the spot!  I haven’t had too many stressful days, but sometimes a nice cold beer or a glass of wine with dinner would be nice.

Our wine cooler, with wine that I haven’t drank in a while.

Sashimi and sushi!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE spicy tuna, tuna tartar, etc.  I miss it so much!  My doctor says it’s okay to eat sushi in moderation at a restaurant that I know is serving fresh fish.  While there are many here in the Bay Area, I don’t want to chance it.  I’d probably overindulge if I had any in front of me now.  Shrimp Tempura and Spider rolls are what I indulge in now.  Cooked sushis are not the same but for now it’ll do.

Deli and cured meats that I don’t have to heat up before eating.  That was a mouthful.  You are encouraged to stay away from deli and cured meats during pregnancy to prevent any food born illness.  I really love prosciutto or jamon serrano too!  I have to heat any sort of deli meat I consume in the microwave or oven for a a little bit to kill any bacteria.  For prosciutto or salami or chorizo, I have to cook it throughly.  Doesn’t help that Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation Food Porn episode was on the other day and he was eating some mouth watering sushi and prosciutto!  DROOOLLLLL…

Cured meats and sausages in Barcelona. YUM!

Coffee with milk.  I like to start my mornings with a little caffeine jolt, but ever since the 6th week of my pregnancy I started to hate the smell of coffee.  I’ve tried drinking it plain a couple times, but that didn’t work.  Instead what does work is Starbucks blended coffee concoctions.  Me:  “Yes, I’d like a tall half calf one pump skinny cinnamon dolce latte.”  Try give that order quickly to a barista who is in a hurry.

Medium-cooked beef.  We’re talking about burgers and steaks.  Again to prevent any food born illness, doctors and nutritionists advise you cook your beef completely.  Meh!  Takes out the flavor but better safe than sorry I suppose.  😦

Talking about all this beverage and food is making me hungry, so we better stop.  These aren’t the only things I miss.

Being able to jog.  I’ve slowed down a little bit and when I tried jogging last month I felt a tugging sensation right below my belly, so I’ve been going on walks or cardio sessions (elliptical, treadmill – walking, bike) at the gym with the hubs (he’s so supportive it’s great!).

Fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I cry sometimes when I put on my jeans.  I can’t zip or button them up.  I haven’t gained a tremendous amount of weight but getting dressed is sometimes a struggle.  I don’t want to look like a tent, but I don’t want it to accentuate my bump so much that I look further along than I really am.  But really whose business is it but my own?!?  As long as the doctor says I’m on track, I’m good.

Outside activities like swimming with the dolphins, snowboarding, etc.  The husband and sister in law were able to swim with the dolphins when we were in Jamaica for our cruise.  I was only able to do the touch encounter, which was still an amazing experience, but I still want to swim with a dolphin.  Maybe after babygirl is born.  The hubs went to Breckenridge this past weekend to go snowboarding with the boys.  I wouldn’t go even if I wasn’t pregnant because its a boys trip, but I do wish I could go snowboarding, especially on the weekends when he goes to Tahoe for the day.  The season is only 2 more months and soon enough, it’ll be December and we may be able to go together again.  But then the kicker will be, who will watch our little one while we’re on the slopes?  Ahhh parenthood, how I look forward to you.

Snowboarding at North Star in Tahoe last season.

BUT I DO look forward to motherhood!  I can’t wait to meet our little girl.  I can’t wait to see my husband be a doting father.  He is AMAZING with the nieces so I know he’ll be just as amazing if not even more amazing with our daughter.  Even though I miss all this stuff, they’re small things I can live without for 9 months because at the end of it, I’ll have one of the greatest things to be blessed with in this lifetime.  I may be choking up a little bit right now (DARN pregnancy hormones!).

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