The Dressing Room – Chambray Love

Who doesn’t love a chambray shirt? This shirt has been a staple in my closet for a year now.  I wish I had another one since I’ve worn this one to death.  Perhaps whenever they go on sale next at J. Crew or Old Navy.  I love that you can easily dress up a chambray shirt or wear it casually.  For this Dressing Room post, I styled the shirt for a business casual environment.  I dressed it up with a chunky sweater, statement necklaced and stacked bracelets.

Sorry in advance for the lookbook phone pictures.  I don’t bring my nicer camera with me when I go on the rode (unless of course I have a weekend trip somewhere exciting!).  Don’t you just love the background?  LOL!

I’m in love with this blue, black, and green color combo.  

The Dressing Room Outfit

Sweater Cardigan:  Old Navy
Shirt:  Converse One Star, purchased at Target
Trousers:  Old Navy
Patent Booties:  Payless
Necklace:  Forever21
Bracelets:  JewelMint, H&M, random vendors


Love this necklace.  The gold, orange, and bronze tone brighten up the outfit just enough.

JewelMint, cousin’s creation, rosary bracelet purchased in Fatima, Portugal, H&M, random vendor (purchased this YEARS ago in either Korea or Singapore)

I’m finally home!  Just got in this morning and it feels good to be back even if I was only gone for a couple of days, in time to enjoy some sunny California weather (especially since I was in the rainy Northwest all week).

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