Valentines Day

The day of the year that’s either loved or hated.  I’m not a huge fan of the holiday, but I don’t hate it.  The hubs and I have never really done a big Valentines Day celebration… meaning wining and dining out, chocolates, etc.  A couple years ago when we first moved in together we decided to make it a date night in and it’s been our tradition ever since.  Since I usually make dinner, although lately he’s been making me dinner at least once a week because I’ve been swamped with work or tired, he makes dinner for a change.  He decides what he’ll be making for the night, buys the ingredients, and cooks.  If he needs me to, I’ll assist him in the kitchen.  I need to stop lying…I try to take over in the kitchen and get scolded at because I’m not relaxing.

He made this a couple years ago.  Giada’s Steak and Brie Sandwich with soup and sparkling wine.  

I really like staying in on Valentines Day.  No noise.  No crowds.  No overpriced check.  Simple is romantic.  Plus a way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.  (hardeeharhar… cheesy I know!)

Here are a couple of tips to make the night in special and romantic.

Flowers.  No matter how cheesy and how much you’ll be supporting your florist, they liven up the house and make it feel romantic.  You could do a skinny vase with a singular rose and that would be fine.

Candles.  Duh!  To set the mood.

Champagne or wine.

Take the fancy china out and dine on these tonight.

Again, I’m buying into the holiday (AGH I know!) but chocolate covered strawberries.  Something is so sexy about these morsels.  If they’re not your style, how about strawberry shortcake or chocolate lava cakes.  A warm cookie with ice cream is just as good.  Nothing too fussy.  It’s the effort that matters.

Even if you don’t have a date this Valentines Day, enjoy the holiday with those you love and indulge in the cakes, cookies, chocolates, etc.

Hope you’re spending this day with loved ones.  Happy Valentines Day!

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