2012 Grammy’s

Did you watch the Grammy’s last night?  Performances were okay.  Wasn’t really blown away by anything.  Random thoughts about the Grammy’s…

WTH was up with Nicki Minaj’s outfit on the red carpet.  Let’s not even start with that performance?!?  I’m all about creativity and pushing the envelope and I don’t usually get super offended when it comes to my religion, but I was APPALLED with this outfit and her performance.  AGH.  Trying TOO hard to be like Gaga.

The Beach Boys are REALLY OLD!  When Ryan Seacrest said they were celebrating their 50th anniversary of their first hit… or was it album, I was shocked.  Don’t you remember when they were on Full House?!?  😛

I know it was short notice, but I was expecting more of a Whitney tribute.  Perhaps they’ll do something bigger in the coming weeks or month.  So sad.  I grew up on her and was actually listening to a song or two of hers on my ipod a couple days before her death.  But Jennifer Hudson did awesome singing “I Will Always Love You.”

Now onto the DRESSES of the evening.

The theme of the night seemed to be don’t show too much cleavage but I’m going to show some back plus SPARKLES!

LOVED LOVED LOVED Taylor Swift’s dress by Zuhair Murad.

Another Zuhair Murad red carpet favorite was Kate Beckinsale.  LOVE how she carries this dress.  Definitely wearable and something I’d wear for a fun night out or a girls night out in Vegas.  🙂

Another shimmery dress that I was in love with was Kelly Osbourne’s.

Onto the shimmery but no-show cleavage dresses like the one Carrie Underwood wore.  While I wanted to LOVE it (I do love the sparkles and color), I don’t love the silhouette.  She looks a bit top heavy for my liking.

I was in love with her dress when she performed with Tony Bennett though.

Another no show cleavage dress that was also blue but I did not like was Katy Perry’s.  She looks really top heavy also!  Not flattering at all.

But I did love her dress that she threw on after her performance.  Love the gold!

Not in love with Rihanna’s lips in the above picture.  Way too early 90s for me and maybe a tad Tina Turner esque.  I loved her red carpet make-up with this dress instead, but still wasn’t feeling the hair.  But her make-up and the dress is simple and sexy.  Reminded me of Angelina Jolie for some reason.

Another LBD that I loved was Gwenyth Paltrow in Stella McCartney.  Gotta love the black and gold combo!

Someone that pushed that envelope in a good way was Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier.  But I wished her underwear was the same color or nude.

Whose performance wow’d you?  Whose dress were you in love with?

Now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs.  I do love her ballads but this song reminds me of when I was about 5 years old and my parents would play music on Saturdays while cleaning the house.  While they were cleaning I was dancing around the living room.  😛

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