The Cirque show was pretty good, but wasn’t the greatest Cirque or Cirque-esq show I’ve seen.  I think I was put off by people acting like it was a Michael Jackson concert instead of a Cirque show.  Dressed up in Michael Jackson gear and then singing along and getting up and dancing while there are people behind them just watching.  There’s an etiquette to a show and then there’s a concert.  Just saying.  But overall the dancing and production was pretty good.

Lately I’ve become a TV Junkie.  I’m obsessed with trying out new and continuing my old shoes.  Last night, Alcatraz premiered and I have to say I got absolutely sucked in.  I was just trying to find something to watch on TV to pass the time (I’m on the road right now).  Turned to Fox and got sucked in for two straight hours.  Yes, it has Jorge Garcia aka Hurley from Lost, but you can’t compare it to Lost!  It’s its own show.  I think anytime a show says “by the creators of Lost” or have Lost characters on the show, people make comparisons and the show just goes downhill.  Examples?  The Event (is this show even on?) and Flash Forward.  I got sucked into the first four episodes of both shows and then got bored.  I hope that doesn’t happen to this show.  So that’s my review…

So those are my random thoughts for the day.  That and it is FREEZING here in Indianapolis.  I’ve adapted to California weather, so this “real feel” of 15 degrees is just not cutting it for me.

So bye for now.  Hope you’re all staying warm.  Until Thursday because I believe WordPress is participating in SOPA blackout.

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