November Faves

Sorry for the lack of posting.  Thanksgiving was tiring.  SO.  MUCH.  EATING.  And it wasn’t just on Thanksgiving day.  The in-laws were in town so we took them out for some Bay Area eats they don’t have in the DC metro area such as Patio (one of our fave Filipino restaurants in the area), Jollibee (Filipino fast food), Goldilocks (fast food/diner-esq Filipino food), or Boiling Crab (but because of the Fishermen union issues of cost distribution of Dungeness crab we couldn’t get their specialty), etc.  We hardly put a dent into our turkey on Thanksgiving and had so much leftovers which we didn’t end up touching until the following Monday because we were eating out all weekend.  Not complaining.  🙂  But the husband and I did have to detox ourselves from any eating out for a week and a half, until last night.

I had originally drafted a post for Thanksgiving leftovers but I wanted to include pictures from Thanksgiving Day.  But as you probably guessed I haven’t uploaded those yet, so I had to scrap that post.  I’m sure you got loads of Thanksgiving leftover ideas from, Pioneer Woman,, etc.  Lots of good resources there.

So it’s time for my monthly faves.  I don’t think I have much for the month of November.  Didn’t really do much shopping, not even on Black Friday.  I’m not a huge Black Friday person.  I’m not in need of anything that warrants me to go shop when everyone else does of nor has there been a sale or deal that I’ve loved enough to do it.  If I can buy it online, I’ll get it there.  I ABSOLUTELY hate crowds.  I’m 5’2″ and people step on me easily so I just end up angry, so I’d rather sleep.  Keeps me and the husband happy.  I’m sleeping and quiet and if he goes, he doesn’t have to hear my angry rant.  😛

My pre-Black Friday purchase that I LOVE LOVE LOVE are my riding boots from the Clarks outlet.

Clarks Derby Royal Brown Riding Boots

I’ve been looking for Cognac colored or something similar (I have two pairs of dark brown boots) riding boots.  These have a distress brown look to them.  I thought about getting the Steve Madden Intyce boots, like the pair the Dafashionista has but I wanted something more classic looking.

Steve Madden’s Intyce Cognac Boots

I’ve been COVETING a couple of Frye riding boots for a while, but I’m not ready to make that investment yet.  We went to the outlets the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and some stores had started their Black Friday sales.  Clarks had an extra 25% off boots, so I got them.  They’re so comfy, good brand, and decently priced.  LOVE!

Black Friday purchase that I absolutely love?  Memory Foam Topper from Kohl’s.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and this memory foam topper along with a new extra firm pillow have done WONDERS for me.  Case and point, I heard my alarm this morning, dismissed it and kept on sleeping.  Totally overslept and was late to work.  😛  Whoops!

I thought I had some beauty faves for the month but I can’t think of any at the moment.  My make-up routine has been simplified lately because I’ve been lazy.  Maybe I’ll do a video of my lazy yet fresh make-up routine with my new camera!

The hubs and I purchased a new camera since my point and shoot started getting all glitchy on me (well it didn’t just started getting glitchy on me.  It started in May and like a fool, we should’ve gotten a new camera before our Europe trip, but I convinced the hubs that we didn’t need to.  It actually was fine because the camera we got didn’t come out until after our Europe trip.) and we wanted something nicer than his super zoom camera.  It’s not a DSLR, but it’s an interchangeable lens camera.  I haven’t gotten a chance to play with it as such to take some test shots.  Within the next couple weeks I plan to.  Can’t wait!

Putting up our Christmas Tree.  LOVE!  It’s time for the holidays although it’s a bit warm here in the Bay to feel like it’s Christmas (even if it’s our 3rd holiday season in the area, I still find it weird to have palm trees decorated as Christmas trees).  And from what I hear, it’s been warm in Virginia lately too.  Which unfortunately translates to snow days.  :-\  We’ve been “blessed” with snow every year we’ve been home for the holidays, ever since we’ve moved to the bay.  Our families say we’re bad luck, especially after one year they had record high snow accumulation.

Our Christmas tree and the Netflix’s streaming fireplace video (makes the popping wood sounds and plays instrumental Christmas music!)

Peppermint Mochas!  Hot chocolate!  Hot apple cider!  Love holiday drinks!

But the best fave is… the start of the Holiday season.  Even if it is in the mid-60s here.  I can’t wait to go home and see all my family for the holidays!  Nothing like being around them this time of year.

I hope to have a couple of Christmas gift ideas, recipes, DIYs, and lookbook (it’s been a while since I’ve posted one of those, but I’ve been feeling self conscious with all the holiday eating lately) posts up soon.  Thanks for being so patient.

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