Layover – Singapore

Did you catch Anthony Bourdain’s new show “Layover” on the Travel Channel this past Monday?  He shows you how to make the most of your layover in certain cities via culinary experience.  For the first episode which aired this past Monday, he went to Singapore.  I DIED as we were watching.  LOVED the episode content and location!  From the age of 13 – 15, I went to Singapore with my family practically every summer for vacation.  My dad would have business trips out there and we would tag along.  While he was working, my mom, sister, and I would explore the city, sightsee, eat, and shop.  On weekends, we’d go to the more touristy places like Sentosa, river cruise, etc. along with my dad.  I absolutely loved those summers.  I got to shop alot and eat a ton of different cuisines.

Of course I wasn’t as adventurous with food then as I am now and regret that I didn’t get to eat the variety of cuisines that I should have.  Watching the show only gave me an itch to go back.  All the hawker stands are AMAZING.  We wouldn’t eat there that often as my mom was paranoid about things not being sanitary, but they were are.  It’s the same as the Philippines, so I don’t know what this woman was talking about.  But we’d go to a couple of night food markets and watch my dad eat Chili Squid or Chili Crab and pick off his plate sometimes.  So good!  We’d go to the super market or food market stalls and get a bunch of tropical fruit, such as Rambutan, Lychees, Yellow Watermelon, Mangoes, etc. (I could go on.  Not on this list is Durian.  Haven’t eaten it but the smell is so bad that it gives me goosebumps.) to nosh on.  It’s such a delicious country to be in.

One day in the future whenever we make our way to the Philippines, I’m definitely going to plan a 2-3 day trip to Singapore to experience everything again.  This time as a foodie lover.  What were your thoughts about the episode?  Next week’s episode is in New York and he’s supposed to do one in San Francisco.  Can’t wait to see the San Francisco one!

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