Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey day has arrived.  My turkey has been brined and rinsed.  It is in the refrigerator uncovered allowing the skin to dry out completely so that we an enjoy some nice crispy skin for dinner.  🙂  In about an hour I’ll be taking it out to remove the chill and then placing it in the oven for an early Thanksgiving dinner.

I’ve actually cut down on the amount of sides I’ll be making today.  We had a HUGE dinner last night at Boiling Crab (OMG SO GOOD but SO. MUCH. FOOD), so it was decided that we go lighter on the sides today.  I’ll be doing TJ’s frozen asparagus and just thawing those and re-roasting/heating in the oven, buttered corn, dressing, mashed potatoes, rice, and filipino dinner rolls called pandesal.  We purchased the rolls the other day so I opted not to make the parker house rolls.  Maybe during Christmas.  Because there are just four of us and I didn’t want too many leftovers, my mother in law suggested I not make the mac and cheese.  😦  Maybe I’ll make it next week for dinner.  Plus more sides = more time in the kitchen.  It’s nice having this small intimate Thanksgiving dinner because it’s less stress.

Hope you are all having a Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy today off and the sales later tonight!  Stay safe and full!  🙂

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