Meatless Mondays – Kimchi Quesadilla

I had a couple of meatless Monday recipes lined up.

Like Hasselback potatoes, but I figured that was too simple.  But MAN they’re good!

Or Ratatouille Pasta, but I wasn’t completely in LOVE with the recipe.  Good but I was expecting more.

Or Pizza Bites (without the pepperoni), but I thought I’d leave that to the other bloggers.  (Sorry no picture.)

This recipe randomly came to me one day.  I wanted a cheese quesadilla or kimchi fried rice for lunch, but I didn’t have bacon for the kimchi fried rice.  I was pulling the ingredients out of the refrigerator for cheese quesadilla and decided I was going to make it a kimchi cheese quesadilla like Mogo BBQ, a Korean taco truck similar to Kogi in LA, but it’s here in the Bay.

I know this is a bit odd sounding, but if you like fusion and Korean flavors this is definitely for you, especially Korean taco/burrito truck flavors!  Man I could go for a Kalbi Burrito right now!

Kimchi Quesadilla
serves 1


1 flour tortilla (10 inches)
1/4 cup colby jack cheese
3 tbsp  of drained kimchi, chopped
pat of butter
sour cream, optional


Heat up pan.  Arrange cheese and kimchi on half of the tortilla and fold.  Place butter in pan.  When melted, add quesadilla to pan.  Cook for two minutes, then flip to other side and cook for another two minutes.  Make sure you don’t burn the tortilla.  You want it crisp and the cheese melted so make sure you are close by.  Serve with sour cream to cut the heat of the Kimchi.

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