Trippin – Eating around Madrid

Our hotel rate didn’t come with breakfast, so we usually grabbed something while walking around.  Usually it consisted of us grabbing coffee somewhere, like Starbucks (yeah I know, way to be American), along with some sort of pastry as we walked to our destination.  One day we had churros with chocolate for breakfast.  I know you’re saying “you had dessert from breakfast?”  Yes, we did.  It is a breakfast item in spain.  Churros in Spain are NOT the cinnamon sugar delight you eat at the fair or amusement park.  In Spain, churros are breakfast items and if there is sugar on it, it is powdered sugar and only a touch of it.  They are eaten with hot thick chocolate (which you dunk the churros into) that is semi sweet, that you could drink, but I didn’t.  This is how I was introduced to churros when I was younger.  These my friends are the REAL DEAL.  Churros the purists way if you may.


And we went to THE churros place in Madrid, Chocolateria San Gines.  If you make it to Madrid, I definitely recommend you go here.  The only thing they serve here is churros.  They’ve been in business for years, meaning they know what they’re doing.

Lunch was a grab and go thing as well, so we usually ate sandwiches.  All the jamon serrano con queso or chorizo con queso sandwiches we could get.  Plus it was the cheaper option.  So good!

Our dinners in Madrid were typically tapas.  We know there was more to the Spanish cuisine than tapas but with tapas you get SO many different dishes at a cheaper price.  My favorite?  Patatas Bravas, but give me potato anything and I’ll eat it.  Especially if it’s deep fried.  😛

Our first meal.  12 small tapas complete with sangria for 23 euros.  It’s dfeinitely an afforadble meal.  This meal came with cod (which is that mushy stuff on the left), machego cheese, calamari, croquettes, shrimp, patatas bravas, sausages, and pequillo peppers (yummy! new favorite after this trip).  

Garlic, beans, ham, and scrambled egg.  Don’t knock til you try it.  It was DEELISH!

Another type of meal that is popular in Spain, alongside tapas, is pinchos.  They’re even smaller bites than tapas.  Usually this is a small sandwich or something on top of a baguette (kind of like bruschetta but varies between meatless or meat toppings).  One night we tried bacalao (cod) pinchos at San Miguel market.

I was so fascinated by bacalao because I watched No Reservations and Bizarre Food episodes of Spain before we left and both hosts talked about bacalao.  Sounds so cool.  BA-CA-LAO.  😛

Top to bottom:  Octopus, Bacalao Ajaorriero, Bacalao Marinado (classic)
The Marinated cod was buttery and had a clean taste with the dill but I was definitely feeling the Ajoarriero marinade.  Not sure what spices are but it was GOOD!

Most of the dishes we had were really delicious.  But wait, you’re asking you were in Spain, why didn’t you have paella right?  The hubs had it while we were in Madrid but I did not.  The restaurants we stopped by were selling it for some outrageous price, about 40 euros for a plate to share.  Wasn’t trying to spend all that.  But I definitely got my fix in Barcelona at a classic restaurant.
All this food talk is getting me hungry, until next time hasta luego.

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